Sunday, December 30, 2007

Planning my Art career for 2008 Obstacles to art career success

This is from Alyson B. Stanfield's ArtBizblog, I'm posting her interesting questions and my meandering answers.

Unofficial survey:
Obstacles to art career success

Here are two big questions for you. The answers will also benefit me and the services I provide at ArtBizCoach

1.What is the biggest obstacle you face in promoting your art?(examples: time to make art, time for the business stuff, lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, space, negative people, . . . )
2. What change could you make in 2008 that would have the biggest positive impact on your art career?

1. obstacle you face in promoting your art? I still try to sell both my styles, fine art and illustration, bouncing back and forth, which I have always said goes nicely with my ADD. As time goes by I continue to focus much more on the "Fine Art" gallery side.
I still love my children's book and whimsical stuff, but the sales have become increasing hard as I find folks aren’t willing to pay the same for work that could be called Fantasy even though many times it takes much longer to design and paint.
I also still have the problem from a gallery representation side and from developing a bigger collector base, I love art. I love walking thru galleries looking at books and magazines, and when I see something that gets my excited heart rate up, a part of my brain says “I want to learn how to do that now; I like those colors, that mood and that brush work.” I know from all the reading and classes that I need to start developing MY style so that people are going to know when they are looking at a Michael Orwick before they read the signature.

Also I love painting landscapes and people in landscapes, so into part 2 of the questions change could you make in 2008. This is the year I move 90% (can't give up my more imaginative work completely) into the gallery side and dare I say stage of my career.
I have signed up for an amazing 10 day art intensive in the Teton Mountains with Scott L. Christensen I plan to apply for bigger competitions and shows.
I really need to start a new more focused client list, and start to give all my support the love and time they deserve.

Thank you Alyson B. Stanfield for keeping us all on our toes, and for so much great art business information throughout 2007. Best of luck on your new book I'd Rather Be in the Studio, I look forward to reading it.

All the best, and a happy and highly successful 2008 to all of you.

Michael Orwick

Fall's Falling light

18x24 oils on board

by Michael Orwick

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