Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big News ...

This just in from flairCreativ Presents Artists To Watch ...  

Pinot & Palette

The Art of Michael Orwick
The Art of Pinot Noir
Art Elements Gallery, Newberg, Oregon
With Sokol Blosser, Anne Amie & Vista Hills Wineries 
May 26 – June 18, 2011

Well-known landscape and portrait artist from the Pacific Northwest, Michael Orwick, will be the centerpiece at Art Elements Gallery in Newberg, Oregon in May. His landscape paintings of regional vineyards will also be featured in satellite exhibits at three Willamette Valley wineries: Sokol Blosser, Anne Amie, and Vista Hills.

Wine-growing is a major player in the economic health of our region and reflects the health of the soil and our environment. Similarly, the arts are foundational to a thriving community. When the arts are flourishing, our culture and economy are also prospering.

Pinot & Palette is a celebration of prospering, terroir, and the cross-pollination of two of Oregon’s renowned art forms: painting and winemaking. With works that explore the beauty of the vine and viticulture, the Oregon landscape, and the romance and industry of Oregon’s wine producers, this multi-venue exhibit will be a celebration of the grape and all that we appreciate about life in the Willamette Valley.

Each of the wineries is contributing to Pinot & Palette Passport, a self-guided tour of the wineries ending at Art Elements Gallery, with gifts awarded in a drawing on June 16. Included in this generous prize package will be items from each winery, a one-night stay in resort lodging in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, complements of  Art Elements Gallery, and a signed print of a selected work by Michael Orwick.

Pinot & Palette | ART ELEMENTS GALLERY | May 26 – June 18, 2011
604 East First Street, Newberg, Oregon 97132 • 503.487.6141 
Artist’s reception: Art Elements Gallery, Wednesday 5|26|11, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Pinot & Palette
WINERIES EXHIBITS | May 20 – 30, 2011
Sokol-Blosser, 5000 Sokol Blosser Lane, Dundee, Oregon 97115 · 503.864.2282
Anne Amie Vineyards, 6580 NE Mineral Springs Road, Carlton, Oregon 97111 · 503.864.2991
Vista Hills Vineyard & Winery, 6475 Hilltop Lane, Dayton, Oregon 97114 · 503.864.3200
For additional information on Michael Orwick and to see images of his work ...
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

hint: it's going to be a big party!

I'm getting my shiny new Newsletter all set up through my website and would like to invite any or all of you to sign up to keep up. 

I have some big art news coming very soon (hint: it's going to be a big party).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painting Coastal Color and Light

Workshop Dates: 6/22/2011 - 6/24/2011
Location: Cannon Beach Oregon The Amazing Oregon Coast 97110
To sign up Contact Information: 503 436 1533
503 693 7639
Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce 207 N Spruce St
Cannon Beach OregonThe Amazing Oregon Coast 97110
United States
June 22, 23, and 24

Join Michael Orwick in scenic Cannon Beach, Oregon, for 3 days of painting some truly spectacular scenery.

Put life and personality into your landscapes. We will focus on the fundamentals of landscape painting while exploring the beauty and atmosphere of the area.
10am-4pm (I like to paint the light of morning and evening best and my students are always welcome to join me for informal sunrise and sunset paint outs at no additional charge.)

You will learn the importance of observation rather than using formulas and recipes to paint what you actually see and feel. Through instruction, demonstrations, and critiques, this workshop explores composition and design, value and color harmony, and brushwork and edges. Students will also focus on recreating a some of the atmospheric situations the Oregon Coast offers.

Each day will include a demo and a group discussion about painting techniques, materials and philosophy, and individual easel time along with helpful critiques. I like to concentrate on the basic elements of painting and will include an exercise or two to reinforce some of the basics that we all need to brush up on from time to time. There will be at least one black & white exercise, and the chance to paint full color studies as well. At the end of the three days there will be time for a discussion about your work and for questions as a group.

The workshop is open to oil painters of any level.

Look forward to Lots of personal painting time and help every day. We'll all learn a lot and have a great time.

Bring photo references in case we have to paint inside due to extreme weather.

Demonstrations will be directed at oil painters, but concepts and principles will apply to all media.

Oil Painting Supply List

Canvas and Painting Surfaces
_ Sizes 8x10 and 11x14 for learning on cheap boards and canvas panels are fine. Use what you like and can afford easily. I Use Portrait canvas boards.

_ 1. Ivory Black — general mixing black with moderate tinting strength. I try not to use black very often, but we plan on doing some black and white studies, which are a great way to learn values.
_ 2. Titanium-Zinc White - best general mixing white
_ 3. Cadmium Lemon – cool color, great mixing yellow can go warm or cool. Option instead of Lemon yellow Hansa Yellow Lt.
_ 4. Cadmium Yellow Med. — warm opaque yellow
_ 5. Cadmium Red Medium –can go warm or cool
_ 6. Quinacridone Red (or Alizarin) — cool red replacement for Alizarin and makes high key tints
_ 7. Ultramarine Blue or French ultramarine — warm (toward red)
_ 8. Manganese Blue Hue — cool (toward green) transparent water blue this beautiful color that many people can use for sky and water.

My extra color I keep around in Gamblin’s Indian Yellow for warmth.
_ 1. Gamblin Gamsol odorless mineral spirits for painting and cleaning.
_ 2. Winsor & Newton Liquin for detail and glazing, to unify shine.
Other Supplies
_ 3. I always have a roll of paper towels ready to wipe my brushes and canvas. I like Viva paper towels.
_ 4. A Round Point Painting/palette knife sometimes called a Spatula knife for mixing colors and occasionally for painting.
_ 5. I like to mix my paints on a glass surface, but most any palette can work. Try to stay away from the disposable paper type.
I like Chungking Hog Bristle brushes for their strength and durability. I buy mostly flats and Filberts in sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12 with one smaller size like 2 for detail work. I use these brushes for the whole painting. I order mostly series 209 White Hog Bristle.
_6. Standing Easel. I use The Easy-L

A few links to supplies that I use.
Feel free to get what you like from where ever you like. I love their Manganese Hue color Love their Indian Yellow and Earth Red.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Title ideas for the vineyard show so far

Thank you all for so many great title ideas for the show.

  1. feast of art, wine & land

  1. The vine and the brushes

  1. The Fruity Canvas

  1. Art for Winos

  1. Bottles and Brushes

  1. feast of art, wine & land

  1. Vintners' Visions

  1. May Art and Wine Show

    Featuring Select Oregon Vineyards and the Art of Michael Orwick

  1. Painting the Land of Pinot Noir and so much Moir

  1. The Beauty of the Vine

  1. An Artist Meets his Wine

  1. Painting the Land of Pinot Noir

  1. The May Vineyard Show

  1. The Land of Pinot and Moir

  1. Art and Wine Tour

  1. Oregon Vineyards Art Show

    Featuring Orwick Arts

  1. Wine and Design

  1. Views of the Vines

    Unveiling Wine and Art in May
    Featuring Select Oregon Vineyards and the Art of Michael Orwick

  1. Oregon Vineyards Art Show 2011

  1. Wine, Light & Canvas

  1. fruit of the vine captured in art

  1. Perfect pairing

  1. In the Realm of the Vine           

  1. Blend

 So far I like a bunch of these but I'm leaning toward 

Perfect pairing
with the subtitle of
Michael Orwick 

Painting the Land of Pinot Noir and so much Moir

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Part 3 -Painting the Land of Pinot Noir and so much Moir

    This is part three 
    Hopefully, you’ve jumped into my two previous blogs. Part 1  part 2

    By now, a new paradigm, thank you Charlie, was transfixing me.  We had ordered a second glass by then; I think it was probably Oregon wine.
    All our ideas, scribbled onto napkins, and tossed back and forth across the table, evolved into plans for one big Oregon vineyard show.   

    Help your Bro, Name this Show…
    I’ve been busy preparing for the Oregon vineyards art show.  As you recall, my talk with Charlie at the Oil Painters of America Show in Tucson catapulted me into this project.  I’ve lined up the three vineyards and one gallery for the show, which is scheduled for the last two weekends of May. 
     Now, how does a solitary artist go about organizing something that has become so big and feels so fabulous?  With help and hard work, I imagine.  So, here I sit today, looking for your help.

    I’m playing with possible titles for the show.  Jump right in:  Should it be cute, classy, fruity-yet-earthy, straightforward …?  What do you think?  

    Here, I’ll throw a couple quick ones at you.  These are my sleep-deprived working titles; I can’t tell if they are clever or stupidly cute...or just stupid.  It’s OK.  We’re friends; you can be honest.

    1-                 1. May Art and Wine Show
                    Featuring Select Oregon Vineyards and the Art of Michael Orwick
               2. Painting the Land of Pinot Noir
            and so much Moir
    4-                3. The Beauty of the Vine
         4. An Artist Meets his Wine
         5.  Painting the Land of Pinot Noir
         6- The May Vineyard Show
         7-The Land of Pinot and Moir
         8-Art and Wine Tour
         9-Oregon Vineyards Art Show
                Featuring Orwick Arts
        10-Wine and Design
        11- Views of the Vines
                 Unveiling Wine and Art in May
                Featuring Select Oregon Vineyards and the Art of Michael Orwick

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Part 2 of Memorial Weekend wine and art tour

    a little part of how and what this show is about.

    After discussing the vineyard scenes of the Oregon’s valleys, Charlie, of Primary Colors Consulting, pointed out that I had entered two national competitions and got into both, so why shouldn’t I submit more often on this scale?  The answer was easy:  as soon as I finish a painting, I send it off to the next gallery in line and I keep nothing back.  As the economy slumped, I’ve tended to paint smaller works, a safer bet to sell.  My strategy has been working, and I have been barely able to keep up with the galleries’ requests.  But here was my friend, Charlie, asking me to slow down and work on a collection of larger pieces, focusing on the magnificent, rolling vineyards of Oregon.  It was time to up the game and face the next big challenge.
    The idea of one big solo show grabbed me.  I recalled my three large landscapes, each 48” by 72,” which were recently installed in my hometown’s new library.  Producing a unified body of work had been invigorating, and I’ve been wanting to create more large scale paintings since then.  So…

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Funny how things start

    This is part 1 of how the big four venue art and wine tour show has come to be.

    Fruity and Earthy

    Her questions raced about my mind.  Charlie Boguz, my friend and the owner of Primary Colors Consulting, had met me at the Legacy Gallery during the opening for the Oil Painters of America show in Tucson, Arizona. We had a chance to break away for a bite to eat and a glass of  wine.  So, here we were at lunch, on the premise of talking about my career.  It was a shockingly short discussion, but Charlie was smart and knew how to lead me by asking many what ifs, have you thought abouts, or would it be possible type queries.  Her questions were going to lead to something big. 
    We’re on to Something Here
    Soon she was asking about my next series of images, and I told her I realized the irony that my paintings were often inspired by far off locations, as if I felt I should travel to find beautiful scenery.  I live in the Pacific Northwest! It’s one of the most diverse, mysterious places I know, and I recalled the adage that we can mine for diamonds in our own backyard.  And my back yard is spilling over with mountains, streams, moody weather, towering evergreens, and seas that reach to the orient.  Another sip of wine, and we were seriously talking about Oregon’s famed vineyards.  I told her how popular my occasional paintings of Oregon vineyards had been, and Charlie knew we were onto something.