Monday, April 20, 2015

Michael Orwick & Elena Orwick Father & Daughter Show April 23 – May 16, 2015 Art Elements Gallery

"Meditate" 18 x 24" Framed

Michael Orwick & Elena Orwick
Father & Daughter Show

April 23 – May 16, 2015
Artist Reception April 23rd, 5 – 7  p.m.
Newberg First Friday ArtWalk May 1st, 5 – 8 p.m.
ART Elements Gallery 604. E. 1st Street  |  Newberg, OR 97132  |
"Make a Spash" 8 x 24" 
"Locked" 8 x 24" 
"Blend In" 8 x 24" 
Michael Orwick
The father and daughter artistic duo of Michael and Elena Orwick will be exhibiting their artwork prior to embarking on a journey around the world as part of the “Studio Everywhere” project to teach art to children at orphanages, schools and community centers.  
ART Elements has featured Michael Orwick as a top selling landscape painter since opening in 2010. After being introduced to Elena’s artwork the gallery wanted to give the young emerging artist an opportunity to be included in her father’s show.  Michael and Elena look forward to sharing their newest works before they leave for their year long artistic journey. 
Michael Orwick (Oil Painter)
Growing up in the Oregon Cascades and the Willamette Valley, nature and the rich landscape have had a profound impact on Michael Orwick. He has always been awed by the extraordinary ability of landscapes to tell stories, just as art does. Michael’s career in art started in animation (Will Vinton Studios) and moved quickly into illustration, where he enjoyed bringing the ideas of others to life. Today Michael is creating what he calls “Inspired Expressionism,” painting his own ideas on canvas and inviting you to provide the narrative.  Michael offers hints of the mood through atmosphere and serene colors, suggesting a place and a time of day.  It is what he leaves untold that grabs you though. He shares his enigmatic vision and invites you to imagine your own story.  And, often you can’t help the feeling that you have ‘seen this place,’ as if through a car window or in passing to somewhere else…Michael's paintings grant you the rare chance to go back and explore a special place that fuels the imagination.
There is a reason we are drawn toward beauty, it is the language of God and nature. To me there is nothing more provocative than beauty, it inspires deep reflection and motivates me to create. I mix from a primary color palette, painting wet into wet and with layers, to both reveal and hide what lies behind; in this way I entice you into the painting.  I love it when people share the feeling and stories my paintings evoked. It is my sincere wish that you will want to revisit these beautiful locations and painterly stories again and again.
See the paintings by Michael Orwick
KATU news interview with Elena Orwick
Elena Orwick (painter) 
"She's just 10-years-old but talented beyond her years."  Helen Raptis (host at KATU) paid a visit to the studio of Elena Grace Orwick to see her painting and learn about her plan to bring art to children around the world.
For more information on Studio Everywhere, click here. To help fund Elena's project, click here."
Elena Orwick
About Elena
Most of my recent art has been about color, but lately, I have been experimenting with the  values, harmony and contrast in my paintings. I have also been noticing how the quality of the paint itself changes the painting too.
I have been exploring how the harmony and contrast are  like a kind of music that leads my brush like a dancer. In my opinion painting in general is like dancing, each new move is a color, every step is a stroke. Sometimes I like to let the music take over. It leads me to another world where it doesn't matter if the painting is perfect, or if it sells at all. All that matters is that I have fun painting, because if you are having fun the painting will be fun. Artists don't want you to just see it, they want you to feel it. So do you feel it too?
See the paintings by Elena Orwick
Tangie Pape Belmore
Tangie Pape Belmore
Abstract Paintings 

May 21 - June 20
Theresa Andreas-O'Leary
Theresa Andreas-O'Leary

June 25 - July 18
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Portland Paints Palm Springs:A Plein Air Exhibition

Portland Paints Palm Springs

One year in the works and it is time to present 9 oil paintings in an upcoming group show "Portland Paints the Desert" at Brian Marki Gallery in Palm Springs.
Each artist has spent time painting works in the warm California desert amongst the rocks, cacti, palms and springs this past year. We will also be unveiling larger studio works that were inspired from our plein air pieces, so there is a size for every space and taste. Hope to see you there!

Palm Springs
Opening reception
Palm Springs
Opening reception
5 - 8 p.m., Friday March 13; Painting demonstrations
5 - 6 p.m. Wednesday April 1 (Scott Gellatly)
and April 8 (Michael Orwick)

Portland Paints Palm Springs:A Plein Air Exhibition

Eric Bowman, Brenda Boylan, Scott Gellatly, Thomas Kitts, Michael Orwick, and Anton Pavlenko join forces to show the beautiful Palm Springs area through their work. Join us to see their work through April 8.

We have been lucky to have some of the Pacific Northwest's best plein air artists visiting us here in Palm Springs. Each of these talented professionals has painted Palm Springs and scenes from the surrounding desert. Our "Portland Paints Palm Springs" show opens this month featuring work from all six: Eric Bowman, Brenda Boylan, Scott Gellatly, Thomas Kitts, Michael Orwick, and Anton Pavlenko. Please stop by the gallery for the opening reception on Friday March 13, or for painting demonstrations on Wednesday April 1 and 8. The exhibition goes through April 8.

Michael Orwick | The Wash
oil on canvas | 61" x 70"

Anton Pavlenko | Searing Light
oil on panel | 48" x 60"

Brenda Boylan | Old Oasis
pastel on sanded paper | 12" x 16"

Eric Bowman | Hot Potato Rock
oil on panel | 10" x 12"

Scott Gellatly | Desert Vista
oil on panel | 11" x 14"

Guardians of the Spring
oil on panel

16" x 12"