Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Learn About Art, Learn About What You Like, Learn About Yourself!

11x14" Landscape Oil Painting by Michael Orwick


Looking at art fills your life with visual stimulation.

The people you meet - artists, dealers, collectors - are fascinating, passionate, and often eccentric. Typically they are generous with their time and anxious to help you learn.

The art world reflects a hotbed of intellectual issues. Contemporary art deals with personal poetry, politics, philosophy, and sociology. To attempt to understand it, is to grapple with the main issues of the day.
Being a part of the art world can be one of the greatest joys of your life

You Can Become a Collector.

Just think about buying two or three things a year - perhaps on an annual basis - a birthday or Valentine's Day. This adds up. Perhaps you want to specialize in a category of art. Something that expresses your own vision such as art by women, minorities, outsider art, impressionistic paintings, landscape, etc. So often, by developing a coherent vision and point of view, a collector can create a collection that is more than the sum of its parts, and actually enhances the objects in it.

"With the brush loaded with light"

24x18" landscape oil painting on board
by Michael Orwick available

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