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Build an Easy Web Site using a blog

"Wide Mouth" by Michael Orwick
Oils on canvas 30x40"

Here for those of you who have asked, I found a straight forward article on
How to Build an Easy Web Site

(As seen in the January-February '07 SCBWI Bulletin)

by Elizabeth O. Dulemba

I recently helped fellow illustrator Liz Conrad set up an online portfolio using a serious short-cut. I walked her through creating a blog, then setting her domain to forward to it. Because blogs are free, this ended up being the easiest and cheapest way I know for anyone, artists in particular, to establish an online presence. This is how we did it. If you feel like Liz did, like a “technological pinhead,” have no fear - blogs have a friendly interface and breaking down the steps makes the process less intimidating. There are several online blogging companies such as,, and; however, I sent Liz to my favorite, After Liz followed the easy directions, we modified her blog and turned it into a website with an online portfolio.

Note: When you set up your own blog, use the "New Blogger (beta)” version for some great features which makes the process even easier. Before posting images to a blog, you need to downsize them for the web. If images are too large, they will load too slowly or won’t fit on a computer screen ­ you’ll lose visitors. Images need to be RGB, 72dpi, jpg files, less than 100k and no larger than the average computer screen (600 x 800 pixels). Images for my blog are usually no wider than 450 pixels.

Liz had her work scanned, downsized, and burned to a CD at a local Kinkos, but if you have a scanner, you may be able to do this yourself. Look around in your programs for “jpg optimization” or “save for web” features. Pixel-based programs such as Photoshop Elements work well for this.

Choose eight to ten of your favorite pieces using the above parameters and save them to a folder on your desktop.

Get used to your blog’s interface. Post a message to your new blog, then experiment with uploading an image. Click the image icon at the top of the posting window and follow Blogger’s instructions. Ignore the resizing feature (you’ve already done this) and the “right” and “left” buttons which make text wrap. Do hit your return button before adding text. This will help clarify an image vs. text. In a blog post, images look like this: Note: html Tags are like silverware around a dinner plate. For every command there must be something on the left opening it, and something on the right closing it. The command is the fork on the left and is closed by the spoon command on the right. The plate is the image or content between the two. Once you feel comfortable with posting, it’s time to create a post named “PORTFOLIO” and upload your images.

By default, Blogger adds images to the top of the text message every time, which can get confusing if you post more than one. To work around this, upload an image, hit return, type the image’s corresponding text, then copy and paste this entire block to an external text document and delete it from the post window (don’t worry, Blogger still has the image information in cyberspoace). Do the next image the same way, and arrange these blocks in your text document. When you have them all done, copy all the text from your text document and paste it back into the post window. Click “publish.” Note: If Beta Blogger gives you any problems uploading images, upload them to a free online image sharing site like It will give you the image’s html “Tag” you need to include in your blog entry. Easy! Now you’re going to create a permanent link to this post. Open your blog and click your “PORTFOLIO” post title. This will open your post in it’s own window, or it’s static link. Copy the URL. Hit “Customize” on the blogger bar at the top of your screen. This will take you to “Page Elements” under “Template.” (This is where Beta Blogger is much easier to use and edit.) Click “Add a Page Element” in the sidebar and choose “Link List” from the options. This will open the “Configure Link List” window. Make a permanent link to the post you just created by pasting the URL (the static link) in the “New Site URL” field. Type “PORTFOLIO” in the “New Site Name” field and save your changes.

Voila! You’ve just created a link to your online portfolio. Go have a look - groovy, eh? If you want to add anything in the future, like a BOOKS or BIOGRAPHY section, follow these same instructions. Now to buy your domain. I like to use They have great support and are super cheap at $15/year for a domain. Under “find your domain names today” type (trust me and don’t get fancy here), then click “search.” If a green cross appears under .com, it’s available. Click and buy. Once you’ve registered (it may take a few days to become active), go into “domain manager.” Click on the house icon to the right of your new domain. Click where it says “change hosting type” to set up your forwarding. It will give you a bulleted list of options. Choose “redirect with no frame.” In the next window type your blog URL (Liz’s URL was then click “redirect.” Go check out your new website! With your own URL you can also set up free email forwarding. Follow the directions to create your email address,, and it’s yours forever, even if you move. This may sound overwhelming on first read, but sit down at your computer and give it a try. Taking one step at a time, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to build your own website. Check out Liz’s website at Elizabeth O. Dulemba is a children’s book illustrator with a serious bent towards geekdom. Visit her web site at and her blog at Sidebar: For more information on choosing domains, webhosting, and more, check out the SCBWI Publication, “An Introduction to Webhosting and Design,” in the “For Our Members” section of the website at

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some thoughts about this blog

Sakura skies (Cherry Blossom-Japaneses)16x20 oil on canvas by Michael Orwick

Right now this blog feels like I'm just using it for announcements and ways of telling about me. I have been rehashing much of my old material and putting up a bunch of the work both Fine art and my whimsical paintings. not sure if this is confusing to people or if they like to see the two seemingly bi-polar facets of what I do.

I love both themes and I find it very refreshing moving back and forth between them. In many ways I see them as helping and complimenting each other. It's like the landscapes work helps to ground my fantasy type work and the make-believe slightly off kilter way of seeing and using light keeps my landscapes a bit...Orwickish? I'm not sure how to explain it, but just slightly magical I guess is what I would be after, real, but not quit. It is not exactly what I see, but more of how I feel and wish I saw. I want to keep a slightly childish awe in all I create, if only for me.

I still need to decide what the focus of the written aspects of the blog is going to be.

My day to day activities ( a daily diary) are in no way compelling enough, so I was thinking I would aim it towards collectors and art loving would be collectors, with a sprinkling of lessons or discussions of how I use the oil paints. My thoughts on what makes good art, and how art speaks to people in so many different ways.

I would love to start doing something in the vein of a painting a day,or a painting most days, showing my plein air work and studio sketches and how I test and plan for my bigger works.

I'm taking a weeklong vacation, to do painting up in southern Oregon, and I'll use this time to kind of brainstorm and to clarify what direction this blogging experiment should take.

Please if anyone has ideas or requests please let me know about them.

All the best,

Michael Orwick

Orwick Arts

Old Edo Tree 11x14" oils on canvas by Michael Orwick

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cannon Beach’s Stormy Weather Arts Festival

Arts Festival Brings Thousands to North Oregon Coast Town
(Cannon Beach, Oregon) – Since 1987, Cannon Beach’s Stormy Weather Arts Festival has been a wintry wonderland of the creative mind, growing and changing over the years to incorporate visual arts, music and more – eventually expanding to draw tens of thousands to this small north Oregon coast village.

this is from the article

Over the three-day weekend celebration, Stormy Weather Arts Festival now brings in between 8,000 to 10,000 people - roughly the same numbers as Cannon Beach’s famous Sand Castle contest in the summer. “But it’s spread out over the three days, so you don’t quite notice the crowds,” said Kim Bosse, executive director of the Cannon Beach Chamber.

This year’s event happens November 2 - 4, throughout Cannon Beach, featuring a bevy of art happenings, demonstrations, talks, music by local and regional performers, along with the recent additions of some literary events. Also added is a children’s scavenger hunt on Sunday, centered around the release of north coast author Tricia Gates Brown’s book, “Frederick and the Flute Maker.”

Artists showing their works and having receptions include jewelry by Sharon Amber, tiles by Robin & John Gumaelius, illustrator Sally Lackaff, Anne Packard, Frank Gonzales, Chris Bechler, painter and bronze sculptor Jim Eppler, Chris Bibby and painter Mike Orwick. Jeffrey Hull - creator of the 2007 20th Anniversary Stormy Weather Arts Festival Poster – will be on hand, as will Cannon Beach painter, Richard Gorsuch, who painted Haystack Rock 365 days in a row.

Musicians include Seaside band Salty Dogs, central coast jazzers Palmer-Lavin Duo, Portland blues band Luminos, and north coast folkie Jason Lambert. Gary Stroutsos headlines the festival with a show at the Coaster Theater on Saturday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

A handful of book signings will be held throughout the event, including Brown’s “Frederick and the Flute Maker,” Adam Carlsen and his famous book about Cannon Beach, and Jimmy Pickering’s “Skelly the Skeleton Girl.”

Even wine shops get in on the act, with special appearances by wine makers
The festival has even added wine tasting, wine makers and fine foods at some gourmet shops in town.

Patrons essentially walk around town, from gallery to gallery or performance to performance, dodging the raindrops that typically hit in early November and ending up in the warmth and glow of one artistic endeavor or another.

The Sunday scavenger means kids will pick up a map either on the beach or at the Cannon Beach Chamber – depending on the weather – and they will go in search of clues to find the flute. At the end of the trail, a flautist and author Brown will be waiting. “It melds curiosity with the outdoors,” said Bosse.

Bosse said it all began around 1987 as an informal way for locals to put on art shows and music performances, largely for each other. “For the first five years, it was more of a reason for people to get together, have pizza and listen to music,” Bosse said. “It started 20 years ago as an idea to include music with art for locals in the wet season, and then morphed into an event to display local and out of the area talent to locals and visitors.”

It wasn’t even held every year, at first. There were a couple of years it didn’t happen, and one year it was held in February.

Cannon Beach is also famous for one movie landmark, "Goonies Rock," which was featured in the 80's film (aerial photo courtesy Seaside Helicopters)

Bosse said by the early 90’s it began to formalize, became a traditionally November event and then it started to grow rapidly until it reached its current capacity of about 10,000 attendees. “The numbers have been largely the same for the last ten years,” Bosse said. “There really isn’t room for growth.”

Now, the festival strives to add something new all the time or change things a little bit. The inclusion of more literary events meant the exclusion of some things, like the “Women in Song” event that was traditionally held most of last few years.

Three years ago, the event added photographic works. And more interesting plans are in the works for future events.

“Every year, we try to add new pieces,” Bosse said. “It’s not just about art galleries. In fact, next year we’ll be adding the movement arts, such as dance, performance art, and so on.”
For more information call the Cannon Beach Chamber at 503-436-2623 ext. 3.

See's Cannon Beach Complete Guide for a dizzying array of details and features of the town.

Schedule of Events for 2007 20th Anniversary Stormy Weather Arts FestivalNovember 2 – 4: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Art & Literary Walk
All features will be displayed Nov. 2 - 4 in most of the following locations, unless otherwise noted.
Book signings - like this beautiful coffee table book about Cannon Beach - will be plentiful at the event
Sharon Amber Gallery of JewelryReception: Nov. 3, 5:30-8 pmFeaturing the new fall lines by Sharon Amber.Including the “Shadowbox” & “Petite” collections.
Whitebird GalleryArtist Reception: Nov. 3, 4-7pmFeaturing new work by Arleigh WoodFeaturing Story Birds & Clay Tiles of Northwest Botanicals by Robin & John GumaeliusNov. 3, 1-3pm Book Signing w/ Tricia Gates Brown author of “Frederick and the Flute Maker”Also featuring original work by illustrator Sally Lackaff
Sandy Cove Inn (Seaside)Featuring work by new artist Eva Campbell
Cannon Beach EVOO Cooking SchoolNov 3, 2 – 4 pm Oregon Winery TastingNov 3, 10 – 4 pm Specialty Food Tasting
Downtown Cannon Beach
Basketcase FlowersReception: Nov. 3, 4 - 7pmFeaturing Artists Julie Nelson & Micah CerelliDisplaying “Growing Up Cannon Beach Style”
Modern Villa GalleryReception: Nov. 3, 6 pmFeaturing work by new artist Anne Packard
William Rose Fine ArtFeaturing Artist Chad SpicknallFeaturing work by Frank Gonzales & Chris Bechler
The Wine ShackNov. 3, 1-5 p m Wine TastingGuest wine maker to be announced
House of the PotterNov. 3, 12 pm Featuring Jay Stewart on the pottery wheelNov. 3, 4 pm Meet artist Richard Gorsuch who paintedHaystack Rock 365 days in a row
Haystack GalleryArtist Reception: Nov. 3, 4:30pmNov. 3, 11-3 pm Featuring artist Michael David SorensonNov. 4, 11-2 pm Featuring artist Michael Tieman (Sculptor)
MelangeNov. 3, 3-7 pm Featuring Webb Hammond – CollectableKnife Maker (Flint knapping Demo)Featuring Joni Cagwin demo of scrimshaw on Ivory pendants
Cannon Beach Book CompanyNov. 3, 1-3 pm Book Signing w/ Jimmy Pickering author of‘Skelly the Skeleton Girl’
Cannon Beach Chamber of CommerceNov. 3, 1-3 pm Book Signing w/ Adam Carlsen author of‘Cannon Beach: The Art, Cuisine, and Atmosphere ofOregon’s Favorite Coastal Village’
Cannon Beach WestFeaturing Deb Steele & Artists ‘Going Green’
Icefire GlassworksReception: Nov. 3, 9 - 10:30 am Light Breakfast FareNov. 3, 10:30 - 4 pm Featuring artist Jim Kingwell “Zinger” series & Featuring artist Suzanne Kindland “Brocades”
Ernst & Ernst Collectors Gallery
Reception: Nov. 3, 6 pmFeaturing artist William S. PhillipsFeaturing artist Craig Erickson (Nov. 3 only)
The Jeffrey Hull GalleryArtist Reception Nov. 3, 6 pmFeaturing artist Jeffrey HullCreator of the 2007 20th AnniversaryStormy Weather Arts Festival PosterWatercolor prints available here
Bronze Coast GalleryCatered Reception: Nov. 3, 6 pmFeaturing artist George Lundeen – Bronze SculptorFeaturing artist Robert Rogers – Jeweler & Bronze SculptorFeaturing artist Jim Eppler – Painter & Bronze SculptorFeaturing artist Cary Henrie – PainterFeaturing artist Carol Gold – Bronze Sculptor
Rhodes StringfellowArtist’s Reception: Nov. 3, 6:20-9 pm w/ Nate Bond on BabyGrand (Complimentary wine & hors d’oeuvres)Featuring artist Law Wai Hin – Original watercolors & acrylicsFeaturing artist Ann Fleming – Bronze SculptorFeaturing artist John Dudley – Original acrylics on canvasFeaturing artist Amanda Howard – Original oils
Primary Elements GalleryReception: Nov. 3, 6 – 8 pmNov. 3, 10-Noon Featuring artist Christine Sharp – Painter2 – 4 pm Featuring artist Alan Anwue – Sculptor4 - 5:30 pm Featuring artist Eric Weigardt – Watercolor, also Book Signing ‘Free & Easy’6 – 8 pm Featuring artists Greg Congleton – Sculptor & Ron Nicolaides – OilNov. 4, 10-Noon Featuring artist Patty Thurlby – Glass work
DragonFire Studio & GalleryReception: Nov. 3, 4 - 7:30 pmArtists Demos Nov. 3, 9:30 - 2:30 & Nov. 4, 9:30-1 pmFeaturing artist Tracy MacEwan – Acrylics, ‘Home Away from Home’ seriesFeaturing artist Mike Orwick – Oils, Durweigh Master of Fantasy & plein aire painterFeaturing artist Chris Bibby – Porltand vivid landscapes, bridges & buildingsFeaturing artist Mike Smith – Not demonstrating on Friday
Northwest By Northwest GalleryNov. 3, 6 pm Benefit $10 w/ food & wineFeaturing Phillip Charette flute performance & Bronze SculptorNov. 3, 1-3 pm Featuring artist Lillian PittNov. 3, 2 pm Featuring artist Rob Wurzer – Exhibit SculpturesNov. 4, 1 pm Wayne Chabre – Informal talk by ‘Sculptures Without Walls winner’Featuring work of Marvin Oliver Nov. 4, 2 pm Reception
Music Around TownSaturday Nov. 3, 2007
Icefire Glassworks: 9 -10 am – featuring Michael Corry
Cannon Beach Bakery: 10 - 10:45 am – featuring Salty Dogs
Ecola Seafood: 12-1 pm – featuring Steve Cheseborough
Cookie Company: 12-12:45 pm – featuring Salty Dogs

Primary Elements Gallery: 12:30-1:30 pm – featuring the Palmer Lavin Duo
DragonFire Studio & Gallery: 1-3 pm – featuring Lee ClingmanMorris’

Fireside Restaurant: 2-2:45 pm – featuring Salty Dogs
Fultano’s Cannon Beach Pizza: 2-3 pm – featuring Jason Lambert
Cannon Beach History Center: 2-3 pm – featuring Steve Cheseborough
Whitebird Gallery: 3 – 4 pm – featuring the Palmer Lavin Duo
Lumberyard Rotisserie & Grill: 3:30 - 4:30 pm – featuring Jason Lambert
Coaster Theatre: 4-6 pm – featuring String of PearlsGary Stroutsos headlines the event, playing 7 – 9
Sandpiper Square: 4 - 4:45 pm – featuring Salty Dogs
DragonFire Studio & Gallery: 4 pm – featuring LuminosDooger’s Seafood & Grill: 4:30pm – featuring Michael Corry
Ernst & Ernst Collectors Gallery: 6 pm – featuring Jason Lambert
JP’s at Cannon Beach: 6-8 pm – featuring Cathy Speers, Jaeda Pappas & Danita PappasRhodes Stringfellow: 6:20-9pm – featuring Nate Bond
Lumberyard Rotisserie & Grill: 7-9 pm – featuring Bruce Smith
Coaster Theatre: 7-9 pm – featuring Gary Stroutsos
Sunday Nov. 4, 2007
DragonFire Studio & Gallery: 9:30-11am – featuring Lee ClingmanDragonFire Studio & Gallery: 11-1 pm – featuring Gary Stroutsos
House of the Potter: 11 am – featuring Ken Finch
Haystack Gallery: 12:15 pm – featuring Ken FinchErnst & Ernst Collectors Gallery: 1:30pm – featuring Ken Finch
Lumberyard Rotisserie & Grill: 3-3:45pm – featuring Michael Corry
Dooger’s Seafood & Grill
: 4:15-5pm – featuring Michael Corry

Friday, October 5, 2007

Story Time 18x24 oils on canvas by Michael Orwick

"Just wanted to say how beautiful your paintings are - they take me straight into innocence and magic...

Thankyou! Claire."
Story Time 18x24" oils on canvas by Michael Orwick
whimsical prints

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Upcoming art show for October

October show

Starting Tomorrow Newberg Gallery (Wine tasting provided by one of my favorite Vineyards Sokolblosser)

115 N. College St. Newberg ,
877-351-5987 (toll free).

Comfortalbe Curves, Oil painting Landscape for Cannon Beach

Comfortable Curves 24x30 oils by Michael Orwick
Available at
DragonFire Gallery123 S. Hemlock StreetEcola Square Cannon Beach, OR 97110Phone: 503-436-1533 I'll be part of the Stormy Weather Quick Draw again this year, come see as I over come extreme nervousness and finish a painting in one hours time to help raise money for the Cannon Beach Arts program. Last year was a serious blast and my painting sold for $800.

Hope to see some of you there.

The annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival includes a weekend long schedule of arts events. The festival features art exhibits, gallery shows, concerts, readings and special programs including the Quick Draw, where professional artists create finished artwork in one hour as spectators watch the action. Finished artwork is auctioned at the end of the evening.

The event is November 2, at 7pm.Tickets are $35 for an individual and $60 for two. Tickets can be purchased at (503) 436-2623 x. 3the tickets are running low, so call ASAP. Gallery Shows: Each gallery will be offering a great selection ofartwork for you to browse through. Some galleries will have artist’sdemonstrations and small food/wine samplers for your palette. Concerts: All through town Saturday and Sunday you will have the opportunity to listen to well known artists and up and coming stars. Click link above for the schedule.

About DragonFire Gallery“A feast for your senses,” say contemporary art lovers and critics alike. Spend a day at the Beach surrounded by vivid colors, unique visions, and a relaxed ambience. An experience that engages the mind, heart and soul, DragonFire

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

“Sanaya and the Elephants” Commission Painting done in oils

“Sanaya and the Elephants”
16x20 Commission Painting done in oils by Michael Orwick.
This was a fun painting to work on not only because she makes a great model but also because Sanaya is my daughter's best friend and a treat to be around.
She has a naturally infectious laugh that was set off on a recent visit to the zoo when she spotted her MOST favorite animals, the elephants.
From there it was an easy decision what the painting would be about.

Monday, October 1, 2007

"Our Little Creek" Plein air painting by Michael Orwick Arts

This is the first of the line of paintings I would like to offer for sale thru this blog.

It is titled "Our Little Creek and was done ala-prima (all in one sitting) while in Montana for my little sister's beautiful and super fun wedding. I got ordained online and ended up getting the best seats in the house, and because it was a cowboy wedding I found out just how dashing I look in a black Stetson hat.

The painting is 9x11 oils on board and is $220.00 unframed or $270 framed in classic 2 3/4" wide Black and Gold with a Hand Burnished Finish.

It is available directly from the artist's studio.
Please call (503) 693-7639
pacific northwest paintings