Thursday, January 3, 2008

Artist of the Month at the by Michael J. Barnes

Since this is the premier of The ILTD Blog Featured "Artist of the Month," I was hoping to find a talented and gifted artist to kick-off this feature. Upon viewing Michael Orwick's artwork on his website, I knew right away he would be the perfect choice. I enjoyed viewing his artwork. I could absolutely see a story in each piece.

Artist of the Month — January 2008.
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Michael Orwick and daughter Elena.
Artist Michael Orwick Combines Pictorial Storytelling With A Hauntingly Familiar World.“There is a reason we are drawn toward beauty, it is the language of God and nature. To me there is nothing more provocative than beauty, it inspires deep reflection and motivates me to create,” says Oregon artist Michael Orwick. “I mix from a primary color palette, painting wet into wet and with layers, to both reveal and hide what lies behind; in this way I entice you into the painting. I love it when people share the feeling and stories my paintings evoked.”Michael Orwick is an award-winning artist who utilizes strong lights and darks, along with a simple color pallette, to create unique tales where the viewer infers distinctive yet universal stories.
Born in 1975, Orwick spent his childhood in the Pacific Northwest. His parents moved quite often throughout Oregon and Idaho. Very early it was discovered that he had dyslexia. Michael had a hard time in school, so he turned to pictures to help him understand the written word and help him communicate with others.
“Sokolblosser Vineyard”30″x40″.
“School was difficult, but in hindsight this was one of many blessings that have led and helped shape my artful existence. I was also lucky to grow up surrounded by beautiful creeks and evergreen wilderness, and within a family that loved to travel, encouraged curiosity and following one’s heart. And my heart has always told me to create,” says Orwick.
Michael is an award winning artist. In 2004, he was awarded first place in Duirwaigh Gallery’s Emerging Artist Competition. He was also listed in Epilogue’s “New Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy” publication in 2004 and 2005.

“His skill as a landscape artist creates compelling views of our world that move beyond time and place –full environments for your mind to explore, your senses to imagine… places as mysterious as Oregon’s craggy coast, as unpredictable as a glacial view of Mount Hood, or as serene as an Oregon waterfall. His works can remind us of Remington in his most enamored moments with the majestic West or of the Impressionists as he paints a dance of light on a pond or snow,” says Cannon Beach, OR studio Dragonfire Gallery.Michael resides just outside of Portland Oregon perfectly placed between the coast and the mountains. When not painting, Michael spends much of his time exploring the trails and playing at the beach with his wife Gabriela and daughter and their silly red dog Shamy.
“Penguin Wings”
For more information about Michael Orwick and his art, view his website at, or his blog at You can also purchase his artwork at his website or through his store site at

Thanks again for your participation, and good luck with all your endeavors. Hopefully, we can keep up a line of communication between us.

Michael J. Barnes
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