Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art Scam Database

FASO Launches Free Searchable Art Scam Database

We are pleased to announce a feature that will help protect all artists from being scammed online.

If a person randomly contacts you about buying your art you may want to use this FASO feature to find out if the person is a suspected or known art scammer. This searchable database of suspected art scammers is made available to all artists (including non-FASO members) as a public service. It is free for anyone to use.

We at FASO keep tabs on known or suspected art scammers in order to protect the thousands of artists who have personal websites hosted by us. If art scammers are contacting our customers there is a huge chance they might be contacting other artists as well. That is why we decided to offer this search feature as a public service to all artists worldwide.

As mentioned, artists can search the database of known art scammers at no cost. Thus, you may want to do a search if you receive a message from a potential art buyer that appears suspicious. Due to the ever-increasing wave of art scams online it is very important to utilize a free service such as this. It will give you some idea of who exactly you are dealing with.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please help a dear friend of mine, Artwalk for Annie

Artwalk for Annie, Save the date! December 7, 2010Most of you aware that Annie Salness suffered a stroke on October 14th.  Annie is an amazing woman, wife, mother of four children, artist and friend. She has made remarkable progress in these past few weeks and many of you have asked how you can help Annie and her family.

With characteristic modesty, Annie Salness signs her masterful "slice of life" paintings just ........."Annie". Last month Annie Salness, wife- mother-artist, suffered a severe stroke that has damaged her right side and impaired her speech. Annie was alone when she had the stroke and it was several hours before anyone found her. Thankfully, a lot of progress has been made, but there is a long road of rehabilitation ahead. "Artwalk for Annie" seeks to help the Salness family with medical expenses and we hope you will join us. Share an sparkling evening of beautiful art donated specifically for this event from many of Annie’s talented friends and colleagues, bring your checkbook, do some Christmas shopping, purchase some of Annie’s art or simply make a donation—all proceeds will go directly toward medical expenses.
"Art Walk for Annie", Tuesday, December 7, 6:30-8:30 pm Sunset Presbyterian Church Lobby 14986 NW Cornell Road (xHwy 26, by Phoenix Inn and Arco Station) Portland OR 97229

To find out the many ways you can help or to donate go

Save the date and please forward this invitation to all your contacts.

Annie’s art blog: 

(Top photo) Getting Ready to Ride by Annie Salness (Winner, Bold Brush Painting Competition Outstanding Acrylic 2009), Photo 2: Annie Salness

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good Things-Small Packages

Good Things Show Card
With the holiday season upon us, Loni and Lauren are excited to invite you to ART Elements for the perfect artful shopping experience. Artists currently represented in the gallery along with other fine craftsmen from around the Northwest are creating unique and affordable artwork for your holiday gifting with price ranging from $50-250.
The gallery will be keeping our doors open late 'til 8:00 pm every Friday from November 19th - December 17th for fun art demonstrations (6-8 pm see schedule below), food and holiday shopping. We hope to see you there!

I hope to see you at the gallery for all of our fun events soon!
We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Artfully Yours,

ART Elements Heeaer

Loni Parrish
ART Elements Gallery

phone: (503)487-6141

Friday, October 29, 2010

7 Ways to see my new paintings in November.

9 new works for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival In Cannon Beach Nov. 5th, 6th and 7th. I'm doing the Quick draw event on Friday night and demos through out the weekend, come out and party with us.

Stormy Weather

"A full weekend of art, music, and much, much more.
Three days of art, music and literary events will showcase the galleries and artists of Cannon Beach at the 23rd annual Stormy" 

"The 2010 Quick Draw artists include Rebecca Devere, Lisa Lamoreaux, Miska, Scott Johnson, Bonny Gorsuch, Mickie Skinner, Josh Henrie, Drenda Duff, Brian Anderson, Abbas Atwi, Walter Share, and this year featured artist and perennial Quick Draw favorite Michael Orwick, who created our beautiful 2010 promotional artwork!" 

6 paintings for the Small works show at the Rip Caswell Gallery in Troutdale Oregon starts Friday the 5th with a big party.
Small Works Big Music

3 gems for Art Elements has their small works show starting.

Good Things small packages show.


7 images total for Anne Amie Vineyard in Dundee Oregon, I have a solo show going on, get out there soon to enjoy the vineyard in it's Fall beauty, drink some some paintings.

3 New works at the Freed Galley in Lincoln City Oregon.


4 new paintings at my newest gallery the Terpin Gallery in Jackson Hole WY. 

More information on this soon.

6 new paintings for the Valley Arts Annual collectors show in Forest Grove Oregon

Annual Artist Event
November and December

Little Art - Big Music at Rip Caswell Gallery in Troutdale


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Healing Value of Art

by Barbara Blair

This post is by guest author, Barbara Blair This article has been edited and published with the author's permission. You should submit an article and share your views as a guest author by clicking here. 

For several years hospitals and medical facilities have included art in their buildings to help patients in their treatment and healing process, to calm fears, speed recovery, as well reduce stress for staff and visiting family members.
Several studies have been done on the benefits of art in the health care field.  Positive healing art images affect the autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance, brain neurotransmitters, the immune system and the blood flow to all organs in the body.  The most healing images are of expansive nature scenes, calm water, trees and flowers.
Healing artwork also has a valuable place in the home and office.  We are living in a very stressful world.  Many people are experiencing anxiety, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, depression and many other ailments as a result of stress, as it takes a heavy toll on the body and immune system.
Your home can be a powerful tool to create health, happiness and well-being, if it is filled with positive impressions and images.  You could think of art and everything else that you place in your environment as food that you ingest through your senses and that affects you on a cellular level.  Your body functions at maximum wellness surrounded with sympathetic compatible frequencies that create harmony.  It is therefore important to make choices that resonate with you in a positive way.
By placing images in your home and office that allow you to experience a moment of quiet reflection, or a sense of joy or upliftment at any time of the day, it will help you to combat stress and stay more balanced.  Think about what images and colors feel good, make you happy and inspire you.  For many people this involves pictures of nature, as the studies indicate.
What is hanging on your walls?  If you have dreary old pictures that you inherited from your grandmother as “family heirlooms” and feel obligated to hang them on your walls but have never liked them, give yourself permission to take them down.
The painter Henri Matisse said that art should be “something like a good armchair in which to rest from physical fatigue.”  Surround yourself with what you love (this applies to everything in your home, not just the artwork) and get rid of what you don’t love.
Then notice how your home or office has transformed into a joyful life-affirming space.

This article appears courtesy of FineArtViews by Canvoo,
a free email newsletter about art, marketing, inspiration and fine living for artists,
collectors and galleries (and anyone else who loves art).

This article originally appeared at:

For a complimentary subscription, visit:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Draw Tickets Are Now on Sale!

Quick Draw Tickets Are Now on Sale! They go fast.

Please come and support the artists at one of the most fun and crazy events of the year.
Quick Draw Ticket are now on sale for Friday,
November 5th. Tickets are $55 per person,
$99 for two. Stop by Cannon Beach Chamber or
call 503.436.2623 to reserve your tickets.
For more information about the Stormy Weather Arts Festival and Cannon Beach’s year-around offerings, visit

Here is the final version of the poster using my painting of
"the Old Painter and the Sea"

A Weekend of the Arts
Three days of art, music and literary events will showcase the galleries and artists of Cannon Beach at the 23rd annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival, November 5-7, 2010.
This popular coastal event highlights the creative talents of a wide range of artists, with a packed schedule that includes an art walk, art gallery receptions, "So you think you can paint," photography exhibits, and much more. Cannon Beach shops, restaurants and galleries will be hosting music, art and literary events throughout the weekend.
“The Quick Draw,” a festival highlight, kicks off the weekend of activities on Friday, Nov. 5 as artists create their own individual “masterpieces” from raw materials—in one hour. Completed pieces will then be auctioned off. Another celebration mainstay, “The Spotlight Event,” will be staged at the Coaster Theatre on Saturday night, Nov. 6.
For more information about the Stormy Weather Arts Festival and Cannon Beach’s year-around offerings, visit

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Landscape Techniques in Oil

Landscape Techniques in Oil
$170.00 Best price on a workshop I have offered (Thank you to Emerald arts for making it possible)
Workshop Dates: 9/22/2010 - 9/24/2010
Location: Emerald Art Center
500 Main Street
Springfield Oregon 97477-5469
United States

In this workshop Michael will share his technique and insight in creating exciting, thought-provoking art.
There will be one day of plein air painting, weather permitting.
It will include demonstrations, plus individual and group critiques. All Skill levels Michael Orwick's Website

Contact Information:
Emerald Art

The Old Painter and the Sea

I was very honored to be selected to be the painter for this years Cannon Beach Stormy Weather Festival promotional campaign. It is to be sold at auction after the always fun Quick Draw event.

Stormy Weather Arts Festival
 Cannon Beach
November 5 - 7, 2010

The Stormy Weather Arts Festival offers a deluge of artistic and musical talent. There will be live music in shops, galleries and restaurants all over town. The many events include the "Quick Draw and Auction," musical concerts and demonstrations by local artists.

For more information, call (503) 436-2623, or visit the Information Center in Cannon Beach, at the corner of Second and Spruce streets.

"You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food, he thought. You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman. You loved him when he was alive and you loved him after. If you love him, it is not a sin to kill him. Or is it more?"

Monday, September 13, 2010

The art and art making blogs

The art and art making blogs or sites that I use often, and some of mine thrown in for good measure. This is a very brief and under informed list, please let me know if you have others, I can look into and add.

WetCanvas! (or as some people affectionately call it, WC), was founded in 1998 in an effort to better leverage technology to assist visual artists in sharing information and making new contacts and friends. From its humble grass-roots beginnings, the site has grown into a valuable resource - a veritable gold mine of information, serving painters, sculptors, illustrators, and other artists. We currently deliver over 3 million web pages each month, to over 500,000 unique visitors!
Our online community is comprised of artists of all levels, ranging from Sunday painters to artists who exhibit in some of the finest galleries in the world. Whether your interests lie in learning new techniques, experimenting with alternative or cross-over mediums, gaining critiques from fellow artists, or getting the scoop on exciting new industry products, WC has something for you. gives you all kinds of art-marketing tips and tools that you can adapt to your art career goals. Alyson Stanfield, author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion

This is one of my most favorite. Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter
Many subscribers are art students--often encouraged to subscribe by their instructors.
Creative people worldwide appreciate the level of informed inspiration and information provided by this letter.
It arrives in your inbox every Tuesday and Friday morning, and it's free. Nothing to buy.

My personal blog sent one every week or two.  This is an update of what I have been up to and thoughts and observations.

Little Little Creek © Michael Orwick 30x40 oils

My art website with links to my Bio my art and my Email Newsletter which a large number or smart and beautiful people such as your self have already signed up for.

One of the most popular art sites on the net with information about all things art, and you can sign up for a free website or image hosting.

sun hat 16x20 oils © Michael Orwick\

This is a great site by an Oregon writer who communicates in a very straight forward and honest way. Painting Tips, Selling Art Online & MoreAt EmptyEasel you'll find all types of art and painting tips, including oil painting tutorialsdrawing techniques, and general art advice, as well as articles on famous artists, historical art movements, and contemporary artists. PLUS, EmptyEasel has inside info about selling art online and the online art market. Dig in and enjoy
And here is an article he did on me some time back.

This is the company I use to host my website.
Artist websites made easy! FineArtStudioOnline is a revolutionary web site creation tool that allows an artist to create his or her own art website in a matter of minutes!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”
Zen Habits is one of the top blogs on the Internet, and covers: achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, parenting, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.
Go to the bottom of the home page for links to many great articles and links such as-
The Top 50 Productivity Blogs from Zen Habits (most of which you haven’t heard about)

An inspired artist agency that carries many of my whimsical images.
inspirational mini-film has caused a small, unexpected international sensation. 

Katherine Tyrrell's very popular and insightful blogging portfolio about: - Making a mark creating drawings with pastels, pencils and pen and ink.

light in all the guises in which we encounter it on a daily basis. I've read countless books dealing with digital and traditional art and the subject of light only ever seems to be touched on very lightly (pardon the pun). Yet to anyone wishing to create an illusion of reality should have a good understanding of how light behaves in the physical world.

Radio from the Music Genome Project
Because music helps in my studio and this is a great site to explore new and never heard before music of my choosing.  It’s like a radio station that you design

Thank you to Karla for reminding me of these two fantastic blogs.

 Gurney Journey

and Stapleton Kearns

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Premier Art Event in the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2010

Painting Outdoors •  Gallery Show •  Kids Art Class •  Wine Tasting Writing Outdoors •  Public Reading •  Quick Draw

Plein Air for Everyone!

A Premier Art Event in the Pacific Northwest

Now in its sixth year, Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2010 in the Columbia River Gorge, is a series of art events and wine tasting opportunities featuring the art and literary works of accomplished painters and writers.
At the heart of the event is a five-day Paint-Out and Write-Out where works of art and writing are created at various outdoor locations in and around the Columbia River Gorge—the nation’s first designated National Scenic Area. Works of art will subsequently be available for viewing and sale during a month-long art show at Columbia Art Gallery.
It's Gorgeous!
Pacific Northwest Plein Airtakes place in one of the most beautiful and geographically diverse areas of the Pacific Northwest.
This year there's something for everyone, and new events have been added. Artists, writers, and art lovers all get opportunities to share in the fun.
Event details follow ...

Plein Air Art Class for Children

August 21
As in previous years, events kick off with a plein air art class for children in grades 2-8. Participants learn to create visual and literary works of art while exploring the grounds of Dancing Moon Farm, an organic flower and vegetable farm in Hood River. Works created will be displayed during the opening of the plein air gallery show on Friday, September 3.
Cost is $50. Learn more and register online:  Plein Air Art Class for Children 

Plein Air Art: 1st PlacePaint-Out / Write-Out

August 26 - 30
Artists and writers create works of art and literature during a five day “Paint-Out / Write-Out” which takes place in five scenic locations throughout the Columbia River Gorge. The general public is welcome to come and watch.
Painting and writing takes place from sunrise to sunset as follows:
  • Thursday, August 26: The Gorge White House in Hood River, OR
  • Friday, August 27: Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, OR
  • Saturday, August 28: Springhouse Cellar Vineyard in Mosier, OR
  • Sunday, August 29: The Dalles Mountain Ranch at Columbia Hills State Park, Klickitat County, WA
  • Monday, Aug. 30: Downtown Hood River, OR
The Paint-Out is a competitive event, where 40 artists have been selected by a panel of judges. Award-winning plein air painter and instructor, Ned Mueller, from Renton Washington, will judge the entries for prizes to be awarded on opening night.
The Write-Out is an open event open to all writers regardless of experience.

Springhouse CellarPaint-Out / Write-Out Reception
at Springhouse Cellar Winery

August 28
A Paint-Out / Write-Out reception for participating artists and writers will be held at Springhouse Cellar Winery on Saturday evening, August 28, starting at 5pm.
The event, sponsored by Springhouse Cellar, is casual and open to the public.

Celilo Restaurant and BarCollector's Preview Party

September 2
The Collector's Preview Party on September 2 starts at 7pm.  It gives art lovers a chance to purchase their favorite works of art before the show opens to the general public.
The party features gourmet treats from Celilo Restaurant, and wine tasting from local wineries. The party is open to anyone who commits to purchasing at least one piece of art.
Reserve Your Spot!
Ticket price is $30.  Please reserve by Thursday, August 26. Purchase online by clicking here: Plein Air Collector's Preview Party.
Thanks to the event's sponsor, Celilo Resturant and Bar, tickets are tax deductible.

Green Home ConstructionGallery Show & Opening Reception

September 3 - 26
The gallery show opens on September 3 at the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River and extends through September 26. Artworks created during the five-day Paint-Out will be available for purchase and selections of the writers’ works will be on display.
The opening reception on September 3, 6 – 8 pm, is open to everyone and is free of charge.
Participating Artists
40 talented artists from throughout the US have been selected by jury to participate in the show. Click to see list.

the beginning of the Oregon Vineyards series

I'm so excited to be starting a great big project that I promise to tell you all about, but for now just know that it revolves around the amazing vineyards that grow near my home in Oregon. More information to come soon.
This is one of the first paintings, it is called "Post Harvest Glow".
It is a scene from Sokol Blosser Vineyard, one of my favorites. They are always so friendly to me, they love having artists out there to paint and their wine is fantastic.

This painting can be found at my newest gallery which just so happens to be in the very area I'm painting.

Art Elements Gallery
604 East 1st Street
NewbergOR 97132
(503) 487-6141

Post Harvest Glow 24x30 oils on canvas panel by Michael Orwick 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Painting for Dragon Fire Gallery

Celebrating the Pacific Northwest Landscape
In it's 6th year, Pacific Northwest Plein Air is a series of events and wine tasting opportunities featuring the art and literary work of accomplished painters and writers. Works will be available for viewing and for sale during a month-long gallery show.

September Plein Air Events:
Thursday the 2nd: Collector’s Preview Party 7pm, ticketed event
First Friday-september the 3rd: Opening Reception
3 - 26 Gallery Show
19 Sun: Reading, Plein Air literary works, 7pm (anthology release in Oct)
New Event!
25 Sat, 9:30-2 Quick Draw Paint-Out, Downtown Hood River & Marina. Sponsor: Bella’s Beads and Art Supply
25 Saturday: Quick Draw Reception and Wine Tasting, 6pm

Gallery show is at Columbia Center for the Arts, located in the heart of Oregon's National Scenic Area.


Strengthen Your Visual Sensitivity and 
Creative Visual Language

Location: Firesign Art & Design Studio
Workshop Dates: 9/6/2010 - 9/10/2010
Contact Person: Nanci

Landscape Techniques in Oil
Location: Emerald Art Center
Workshop Dates: 9/22/2010 - 9/24/2010
Contact Person: Emerald Art Center

In this workshop Michael will share his technique and insight in creating exciting, thought-provoking art. There will be one day of plein air painting, weather permitting. It will include demonstrations, plus individual and group critiques. 

All Skill levels

This Fall at Clark College in Vancouver Washington
Oil Painting I   


9:00 AM - 11:50 AM
9/20/2010 - 11/22/2010

Oil Painting II: Discovering the Artist Within  NEW
12:00 PM - 2:50 PM
9/20/2010 - 11/22/2010