Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hope, 52 Plus 48 equals 100

This is from my good friends at Duirwaigh Gallery.
The same great folks that brought the wonderful knock At The Door film and book to the world to help raise money for the make a wish foundation ( a project I was fortunate enough to have my art a part of).
Dear friends, a new film is on the horizon. a little project about saving our country, our planet, our selves through hope, tolerance and inclusion: if it blesses you, please forward to anyone and everyone you feel could use a blessing. a note: it's image-laden, so please give it a few moments to load!
brightly woven, angi

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Men Paint En Plein Air. Plus a few new paintings for Cole Gallery

From American Artist Magazine by Allison Malafronte Nothing proves a plein air painter’s prowess like surviving a hard-core painting session battling the elements of nature. The young, talented California artists Jeremy Lipking and Tony Pro learned this the hard and—as you will see from the video below—hilarious way when they set out to record an instructional plein air-painting session that instead turned into a showdown with a seriously perturbed Mother Nature.
for all of this article and to see a great video of Jeremy and Tony in the Sierras.
to see more of Jeremy's videos
4 of the new paintings for Cole gallerie's small works show
Sun's Breath (turqouis sky and field with treees) 11x14 unframed size
Cole Gallery 107 5th Ave S Edmonds, WA 98020 Phone: (425) 697-2787 Fax: (425) 672-4986
4. Snow's Shawl (sunset cool blue snow) 8x10 unframed size
Shrouded (Purple fog) 8x10 unframed size
Breaking through (Aspen Trees in foggy landscape) 11x14 unframed size

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Orwick Arts Slide Show

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful support I have gotten from everyone all year long. I look forward to continuing to share my artistic endeavors, continued education and painter’s journey with you. Michael Orwick www.MichaelOrwick.­com http://­michaelorwick.­

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The most inspiring thing you see this week, Charter for Compassion

From one of my most favorite websites on the world wide web TED Ideas Worth Spreading
I urge you to take a moment to watch a short video that went live on the web today. Beautifully filmed and edited by Jesse Dylan and his team at Form TV, it might just be the most inspiring thing you see this week. Please feel free to pass this information on.
That video, and this website mark the launch of an inspiring global endeavor to celebrate compassion and to promote a new collaboration between the world's religions. What we're doing, starting today, is to begin writing the Charter for Compassion that Karen Armstrong called for earlier this year when she made her TED Prize wish. And the exhilarating twist here is that the writing won't be done behind closed doors. It will be done by you... and perhaps millions of others around the world. Because we're using special collaborative web tools created by the geniuses at Kluster to enable this be truly a charter "created by the world for the world".
Later this week millions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews will be sent an email inviting them to come to the site and offer their choice of words, in their own language, to help create a charter capable of inspiring the world to focus on what the great religions share, as opposed to what divides them. Already people are responding to this amazing idea with passion and excitement. The goal is to obtain all input from global participants within the next four weeks, select the best contributions with the help of a council of religious "sages", and conduct a major launch of the finished document in 2009.
We'd love you, the TED community, who saw the birth of this idea in March, to be among the first to contribute.The two things you can do to help now:
1. Help us write the Charter! The first writing phase begins now with the Preamble, a concise explanation of why the Charter is necessary and urgent.
2. Send out the ask to everyone in your network. We want this to be a truly global and diverse document that represents all of our voices.
A very exciting day for the TED Prize. We are honored to have you on this journey with us.
Thank you to all of you who have helped get us this far! And a special thank you to Kluster who have put so much into building this site.
Very best wishes,
Chris Anderson
TED CuratorAmy Novogratz
TED Prize DirectorBackground:
At TED2008 in March of this year, TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong was granted a wish to change the world. This is what she asked for:
"I wish that you would help with the creation, launch and propagation of a Charter for Compassion, crafted by a group of leading inspirational thinkers from the three Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and based on the fundamental principles of universal justice and respect."
Since then support for idea has built among numerous religious groups, spiritual leaders such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, and Britain's first female Rabbi Julia Neuberger have joined a special Council to oversee the Charter, and Kluster, a collaborative decision making platform, has built a groundbreaking site that will allow anyone to contribute to the Charter.
All the best,Michael Orwick Orwick Arts My art hints at a story and then invites you to finish the narrative. My style has been called Inspired Expressionism, which combines impressionistic brush strokes and a touch of realism to create the atmosphere and lighting woven into my work. The easiest way to see my work is at

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

“A Gift of Art” with a drawing for an original painting as well as two $200 gift certificates!

An exquisite presentation


delightfully collectible works! November 15, 2008 – December 12, 2008


425.697.2787 Open Tues ~ Sunday

“A Gift of Art” with a drawing for an original painting as well as two $200 gift certificates! You must be present to win at 7:20pm on Thursday, November 20th.

Over 16 outstanding painters bring their favorite offerings featuring exquisite works at very affordable prices. A variety of subjects, styles and mediums will be represented by top Impressionists and Realists in Cole Gallery's annual show. Perfectly priced for gifts or to add to your own collection, enjoy this show on-line or make a visit to the beautiful waterfront ferry town of Edmonds.

Some of Michael Orwick's paintings that well be available.

(8x10) by Michael Orwick

Taking the Shortcut (11x14),by Cheryl King

The Dressing Room (10x10),by Jill Ingram

Autumn Branches in Full Light(8x10) by Michael Orwick The Quietest Day in China(14x11), by Joshua Flint

Creamy Roses (6x6),by Jennifer Diehl

Fly Fishing (8x10),by Mark Boyle

Painting and Gift Certificate Give Away!

Once again, CIM Financial Group will be sponsoring“A Gift of Art” with a drawing for an original paintingas well as two $200 gift certificates!You must be present to win at7:20pm on Thursday, November 20th!

Click here to see our complete schedule of upcomingexhibitions, as well as art classes. Click here to view the Small Works Show

All the Best,

Michael Orwick

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama's cultural program - Eyes over the border

Eyes over the border November 7, 2008
"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." (Barack Obama)
Now that it's finally over we can talk about it.
Believe me, Canadians were paying attention, and now that it's a done deal there's a bit of street dancing up here. But, goodness knows, Barack Obama's got a lot on his plate.
Of interest is Obama's cultural program. He's apparently been working on it for a couple of years, since long before his nomination. For a guy who writes poetry and consults with Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z, it probably came naturally to form that panel of active professional artists to advise him.
Obama wants to increase funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and change the Federal Tax Code for artists. He has ideas like sending out "Artists Corps" to underprivileged schools and communities, expansion of public-private partnerships to increase cultural education programs, cultural diplomacy and the inclusion of foreign talent, less inward-looking xenophobia all 'round, as well as health care for artists.Obama also backs Senator Patrick Leahy's "Artist-Museum Partnership Act," allowing artists to deduct the fair market value of work given to charitable institutions. We might hope that this enlightenment may shine on fundraisers too. Here in Canada, if you want to donate your painting to raise cash for a favorite charity, you can get a "tax receipt" all right, but the government wants you to pretend you sold the work, take the amount into income, and then deduct it. The result is a wash--extra paper-shuffling for accountants, misery and dismay for both artists and charities. We don't get no respect, eh? Positive change in this last area would do wonders for charities. Fundraisers would attract better and more valuable art, raise standards, and would give relief to perpetually beleaguered artists. Think of the value to educational institutions alone. Canada--that great nation somewhere north of Detroit known for its regular, south-sweeping cold fronts, is watching carefully. So are our American cousins. "It is unprecedented," says Robert L. Lynch, CEO of "Americans for the Arts," a Washington-based arts advocacy group. "No presidential candidate in recent times has addressed cultural issues in such detail." Best regards, Robert PS: Esoterica: Government involvement in the arts is like the porridge in the Goldilocks-Three Bears story. It has to be "just right." Obama is brainy enough to get the support going toward education so that young people begin to know and appreciate the arts once more. Then, perhaps sometime later, free enterprise can truly kick in--yep, it works in the arts too. Lest we forget. Oh, and by the way--Congratulations, Barack Obama. Yes, please go ahead and forward this letter to a friend. This does not mean that they will automatically be subscribed to the Twice-Weekly Letter. They have to do it voluntarily and can find out about it by going to The Painter's Keys website. Subscribe Free!Your name and emailaddress will be kept safe.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Cover of Coast Weekend, and feature article interview

Painter Michael Orwick and his daughter, Elena Grace, enjoy a stormy moment at Haystack Rock. Orwick is the featured artist at DragonFire Studio & Gallery during Cannon Beach's Stormy Weather Arts Festival this weekend. Photo by Gabriela Orwick.

Stormy Weather shines again

The annual festival of the arts makes Cannon Beach the bright spot on the Oregon Coast Nov. 7-9. BY KERRI BUCKLEY To see the full article please click

The 21st annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival coaxes artists, families and art lovers to Cannon Beach to discuss art and to delight the senses during the weekend of Nov. 7 through 9. Calendars and businesses are brimming with exhibits, lectures, readings, food and music at area shops, restaurants and galleries.Weekend festivities kick off Friday with the annual Quick Draw event. Artists use raw materials, creating masterpieces in one hour starting at 7 p.m. at the Tolovana Inn, 3400 S. Hemlock St. After works are completed, they'll be auctioned. Tickets to this event are limited; food will be available. One artist profiled in the Quick Draw is Michael Orwick. His impressionistic paintings are both shocking and thrilling through his use of light, color and movement. His works are exhibited at DragonFire Studio & Gallery; his love of the Oregon Coast is evident. In an interview, he said he "hoped to portray the fog and haze with the light and beauty that contrasts those elements on the coast of Oregon." Read his blog about light, sound and color at

'New Splendour,' oil painting by Michael Orwick. Orwick will be taking part in the Quick Draw event, which he calls 'one of my most favorite art events of the year.'

'Cannon Beach Oregon,' oil painting by Michael Orwick.

'Part of the Mighty,' oil painting by Michael Orwick, featured artist at DragonFire Studio & Gallery.

All the best,

Michael Orwick Orwick Arts