Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art Scam Database

FASO Launches Free Searchable Art Scam Database

We are pleased to announce a feature that will help protect all artists from being scammed online.

If a person randomly contacts you about buying your art you may want to use this FASO feature to find out if the person is a suspected or known art scammer. This searchable database of suspected art scammers is made available to all artists (including non-FASO members) as a public service. It is free for anyone to use.

We at FASO keep tabs on known or suspected art scammers in order to protect the thousands of artists who have personal websites hosted by us. If art scammers are contacting our customers there is a huge chance they might be contacting other artists as well. That is why we decided to offer this search feature as a public service to all artists worldwide.

As mentioned, artists can search the database of known art scammers at no cost. Thus, you may want to do a search if you receive a message from a potential art buyer that appears suspicious. Due to the ever-increasing wave of art scams online it is very important to utilize a free service such as this. It will give you some idea of who exactly you are dealing with.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin