Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Funny how things start

This is part 1 of how the big four venue art and wine tour show has come to be.

Fruity and Earthy

Her questions raced about my mind.  Charlie Boguz, my friend and the owner of Primary Colors Consulting, had met me at the Legacy Gallery during the opening for the Oil Painters of America show in Tucson, Arizona. We had a chance to break away for a bite to eat and a glass of  wine.  So, here we were at lunch, on the premise of talking about my career.  It was a shockingly short discussion, but Charlie was smart and knew how to lead me by asking many what ifs, have you thought abouts, or would it be possible type queries.  Her questions were going to lead to something big. 
We’re on to Something Here
Soon she was asking about my next series of images, and I told her I realized the irony that my paintings were often inspired by far off locations, as if I felt I should travel to find beautiful scenery.  I live in the Pacific Northwest! It’s one of the most diverse, mysterious places I know, and I recalled the adage that we can mine for diamonds in our own backyard.  And my back yard is spilling over with mountains, streams, moody weather, towering evergreens, and seas that reach to the orient.  Another sip of wine, and we were seriously talking about Oregon’s famed vineyards.  I told her how popular my occasional paintings of Oregon vineyards had been, and Charlie knew we were onto something.

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