Thursday, February 3, 2011

Part 2 of Memorial Weekend wine and art tour

a little part of how and what this show is about.

After discussing the vineyard scenes of the Oregon’s valleys, Charlie, of Primary Colors Consulting, pointed out that I had entered two national competitions and got into both, so why shouldn’t I submit more often on this scale?  The answer was easy:  as soon as I finish a painting, I send it off to the next gallery in line and I keep nothing back.  As the economy slumped, I’ve tended to paint smaller works, a safer bet to sell.  My strategy has been working, and I have been barely able to keep up with the galleries’ requests.  But here was my friend, Charlie, asking me to slow down and work on a collection of larger pieces, focusing on the magnificent, rolling vineyards of Oregon.  It was time to up the game and face the next big challenge.
The idea of one big solo show grabbed me.  I recalled my three large landscapes, each 48” by 72,” which were recently installed in my hometown’s new library.  Producing a unified body of work had been invigorating, and I’ve been wanting to create more large scale paintings since then.  So…

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