Monday, October 1, 2007

"Our Little Creek" Plein air painting by Michael Orwick Arts

This is the first of the line of paintings I would like to offer for sale thru this blog.

It is titled "Our Little Creek and was done ala-prima (all in one sitting) while in Montana for my little sister's beautiful and super fun wedding. I got ordained online and ended up getting the best seats in the house, and because it was a cowboy wedding I found out just how dashing I look in a black Stetson hat.

The painting is 9x11 oils on board and is $220.00 unframed or $270 framed in classic 2 3/4" wide Black and Gold with a Hand Burnished Finish.

It is available directly from the artist's studio.
Please call (503) 693-7639
pacific northwest paintings
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