Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some thoughts about this blog

Sakura skies (Cherry Blossom-Japaneses)16x20 oil on canvas by Michael Orwick

Right now this blog feels like I'm just using it for announcements and ways of telling about me. I have been rehashing much of my old material and putting up a bunch of the work both Fine art and my whimsical paintings. not sure if this is confusing to people or if they like to see the two seemingly bi-polar facets of what I do.

I love both themes and I find it very refreshing moving back and forth between them. In many ways I see them as helping and complimenting each other. It's like the landscapes work helps to ground my fantasy type work and the make-believe slightly off kilter way of seeing and using light keeps my landscapes a bit...Orwickish? I'm not sure how to explain it, but just slightly magical I guess is what I would be after, real, but not quit. It is not exactly what I see, but more of how I feel and wish I saw. I want to keep a slightly childish awe in all I create, if only for me.

I still need to decide what the focus of the written aspects of the blog is going to be.

My day to day activities ( a daily diary) are in no way compelling enough, so I was thinking I would aim it towards collectors and art loving would be collectors, with a sprinkling of lessons or discussions of how I use the oil paints. My thoughts on what makes good art, and how art speaks to people in so many different ways.

I would love to start doing something in the vein of a painting a day,or a painting most days, showing my plein air work and studio sketches and how I test and plan for my bigger works.

I'm taking a weeklong vacation, to do painting up in southern Oregon, and I'll use this time to kind of brainstorm and to clarify what direction this blogging experiment should take.

Please if anyone has ideas or requests please let me know about them.

All the best,

Michael Orwick

Orwick Arts

Old Edo Tree 11x14" oils on canvas by Michael Orwick
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