Monday, September 17, 2007

Portland Open Studios artist #93

This is my 3rd year taking part in this great Portland wide event.

I'm artist number 93 on the tour guide and I would love to see all of you come by, so please mark your calendars for OCTOBER 20, 21.

Also if anyone still needs their tourguide/calendars/maps please get a hold of me at
503 693 7639
2007 OCTOBER 13, 14 Eastside & OCTOBER 20, 21 Westside

Portland Open Studios invites you to visit 98 individual artist’s studios throughout the Portland Metro Area. You will see artists painting, sculpting, blowing glass, and more, in all kinds of settings from elaborate lakeshore studios to modest spaces in houses and garages. You are welcome to ask questions about materials and methods as you watch the artistic mind at work. You will even have a chance to purchase memorable artworks from the artists for a truly personal connection.
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