Thursday, September 20, 2007

Penguin Wings by Michael Orwick

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Mr. Orwick,
I've seen you a couple of times at the Comic Con in san diego. You signed a couple of prints for me. Thank you. I was browsing your website and you said you liked feedback:

I think my favorite piece of yours would have to be
"penguin wings" at first, it's just charming and makes you giggle, but there is a message of perserverance there."

This handsome little guy to the right (Penguin Wings By Michael Orwick) has been one of my most succesful images for the last year or more.
This whimsical, fantasy image of a penguin daring to dream big, he has built Leonardo da Vinci style wings and climbed to the top most Iceberg. He represents bravery, ingenuity and curiosity. 8x10” Printed Full color on heavyweight semi-gloss-finish paper. Comes in protective sleeve and is shipped flat. Penguin Wings is also available as a 5x7" greeting card, and a 16x20" signed Giclee printed on Canvas.

At a very close second is your piece "the offering" there's just so much about this that reminds me of myself when I was a little girl, down to what the girl in the painting looks like to her sense of fantasy and imagination. The Offering is available as a 5x7" greeting card, and a 16x20" signed Giclee printed on Canvas.
I also find "cuddle" extremely endearing. Thank you for making such unique, heart touching pieces of art. Keep up the good work! -Gina

All the best, Michael Orwick Orwick Arts
My online store to be opening in the next few days, so please check back in soon.

Cuddle 18x24" oils on canvas by michael orwick
available please contact the artist

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