Friday, January 31, 2014

My daughter's art site is up and running

My name is Elena Grace Orwick.  I am 9.  Thank you so much for coming to look at my artwork!


How was I inspired? 

My dad always loved to paint and day after day I would just sit and watch as he built his creations step by step until it was done. But the thing that he always asked me when he was done with his painting was...”What is it?” I always thought it was odd the it obviously was a river, lake, mountains, forest or a sunset. 

I would just say what I saw, one by one, but then one day I thought why does he keep asking me when he knows I know the answer? I thought to myself, everyone sees differently, some might see a blur, stripes, colors or abstract shapes, but I see beauty.

That's it beauty. I see beauty in everything, everyone. Why do I see everyone's beauty? Because everyone is special, and that is what inspires me to show and share my art.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. 
                                                           ― Winston Churchill    

I was born nine years ago on August 19th, which is World Humanitarian Day.  Coincidence?  I hope not.  Maybe that is why I have chosen to use my art to help support charities that I like.

I want to thank the people and galleries that make raising money for my favorite causes possible.  

Amy Isler Gibson, from the beautiful Gallery at the Watershed in Eugene, Oregon created my first art show with so much support and love.  Together we raised money for CHAP.

Next, Eeva, and her group at the famous Dragonfire Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon set up an art show for my girlfriends and me.  It was amazing. Eeva had even invited real owls from the Wildlife Center.   We had a nearly sold out show, and together we raised money for The Wildlife Center of the North Coast.

Right now, I am showing my work with the Portland Audubon Society, and I hope to raise money for all my owl friends there.  

Please stay tuned in 2014 for more shows and chances to buy my art and help the causes.

Proceeds from my art sales go to help these great causes:

CHAP: Children's Healing Art Project
CHAP brings the healing power of art to life in 3 ways: In-hospital healing art programs, Art Club and Outreach

    The Wildlife Center of the North Coast 
    Wildlife rescue and rehabilitaion 

    The Audubon Society of Portland
    The Audubon Society of Portland promotes the understanding, enjoyment, and protection of native birds, other wildlife and their habitats.
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