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Cannon Beach Oil Painting Workshop 2011

Strengthen your Visual Sensitivity and Creative Visual Language 
This workshop is designed to explore the fundamental reasons behind a painting's success as you create your own masterpiece - Class is March 25, 26 and 27 - 10 AM to 4 PM daily at the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce in the beautiful Chamber Hall - 207 N Spruce St Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Contact Information:
folks at Dragonfire Gallery
503 436 1533

Think of walking into a gallery and instantly being grabbed by a painting from clear across the room. What is it that reaches out to you and pulls you to get a better look? Learn what it is that first draws you in and how the painting continues to cast such a spell that you have to get within sniffing distance to learn all you can.
Through informative conversations and step-by-step demonstrations, students will gain an understanding of the interrelated components of painting- including value, shape, color, and edge relationship. You'll be painting right alongside artist Michael Orwick. Each of you will be given personal attention and friendly critiques.
Take home your own light filled masterpiece along with improved painting methods and theory.

To sign up for the workshop please contact the fantastic folks at Dragonfire Gallery
123 SOUTH HEMLOCK ST Cannon Beach, OR 97110 503 436 1533
Tuition is just $250 for all three days and the special reception, for those in town for less time there is an open option of $100 per day.

Bonus: On Saturday after class (4:30-5:30) a special reception with appetizers and wine is being offered free of charge at Dragonfire Gallery for this group.
Bonus: Get ready for painting outdoors with a Plein-air equipment overview and suggestions list and weather permitting I invite you join me before and after class to paint the magic of Haystack rock in plein air.

Oil Painting Supply List and handouts Please email Michael at 503 693 7639 or contact Dragonfire gallery 503 436 1533. and to learn more

Cannon Beach Oil Painting Workshop 2011

Location: Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce
207 N Spruce St
Cannon Beach OregonThe Amazing Oregon Coast 97110
United States

Michael will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of photo references. He will provide some reference material for you, but you are encouraged to bring your own landscape photos to paint. Michael will emphasize emotion, color, composition, and ways to turn a photo into a spirited painting.

Starting with composition, emphasis will be placed on editing and selection skills as well as clarifying light effects for strong, personal design. You’ll study the power and importance of balance, unity, variety, interest and contrast through the tonal and color aspects of your paintings.

As a student, you will also learn about mixing colors from a limited palette while still achieving dynamic light and shadow effects with lively color. You’ll discover how values and temperature work to keep your paintings in harmony

To learn more about this fantastic art town and lodging options please visit

Oil Painting Supply List

Canvas and Painting Surfaces
_ Sizes 8x10 and 11x14 for learning on cheap boards and canvas panels are fine. Use what you like and can afford easily. I Use Portrait canvas boards.

_ 1. Ivory Black — general mixing black with moderate tinting strength. I try not to use black very often, but we plan on doing some black and white studies, which are a great way to learn values.
_ 2. Titanium-Zinc White - best general mixing white
_ 3. Cadmium Lemon – cool color, great mixing yellow can go warm or cool. Option instead of Lemon yellow Hansa Yellow Lt.
_ 4. Cadmium Yellow Med. — warm opaque yellow
_ 5. Cadmium Red Medium –can go warm or cool
_ 6. Quinacridone Red (or Alizarin) — cool red replacement for Alizarin and makes high key tints
_ 7. Ultramarine Blue or French ultramarine — warm (toward red)
_ 8. Manganese Blue Hue — cool (toward green) transparent water blue this beautiful color that many people can use for sky and water. 

My extra color I keep around in Gamblin’s Indian Yellow for warmth.
_ 1. Gamblin Gamsol odorless mineral spirits for painting and cleaning.
_ 2. Winsor & Newton Liquin for detail and glazing, to unify shine.
Other Supplies
_ 3. I always have a roll of paper towels ready to wipe my brushes and canvas. I like Viva paper towels.
_ 4. A Round Point Painting/palette knife sometimes called a Spatula knife for mixing colors and occasionally for painting.
_ 5. I like to mix my paints on a glass surface, but most any palette can work. Try to stay away from the disposable paper type.
I like Chungking Hog Bristle brushes for their strength and durability. I buy mostly flats and Filberts in sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12 with one smaller size like 2 for detail work. I use these brushes for the whole painting. I order mostly series 209 White Hog Bristle.
_6. Easel, table top or standing, many can be either.
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