Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Glance Feature: Michael Orwick: Cole Gallery

michael orwick paintings

This month's First Glance Feature:
New Works by Michael Orwick
April 1st ~ April 30th
"When Day is Done" 18x24, Oil by Michael Orwick
When Day is Done by Michael Orwick

Michael's new show brings his characteristic Art Deco infulenced work with a new perspective from  the pre-impressionists of Barbizon painters.   This group of artists were the first to paint outside so as to truly study light and air and how it interacted to unveil the physical world.   View Michael's luminous pieces in person at the gallery from now until April 30th.
To view Michael Orwick's new show on-line click here.

           by Michael Orwick           Tall and Proud by Michael Orwick                                        "Golden Still" 24x12 Oil                                     "Tall and Proud" 16x8 Oil

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