Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Color and aroma, wine and style magazine article

Experience Michael Orwick’s Art

by colorandaroma

My new series is based more on grounded realism and local settings. I allow my passion for nature and the way I feel, or at times how I wish the place made me feel, to work its way into the painting. It is not enough for me to just record what I see and pass it along. I love the poetic, expressive side of creating. I love to merge experience, shared sentiment, creativity and a feeling of place.”   

 Beautiful Consensus
“I can really see a direction emerging in my style; and the voice of my work is really coming into fruition.  Living in Oregon has always been a gift, surrounded by so much inspiration and beautiful scenery. I’m really focusing on conveying the unique atmosphere and light we get here. I’m always so intrigued by how normal seemingly mundane things can appear extraordinary when lit just so.”

Jenny Lake Canoes
“The painting above is from a photo I took on Father’s Day last year just before going on the boat tour at Jenny Lake. I received the tour as a gift from my wife and our four-year-old daughter. The weather was cold and often stormy and we camped part of the trip in the snow.  I tried to capture the cool light and turmoil of the constantly changing weather in the reflected clouds and thick active paint.”

Homeward Bound
I’m not after a strict adherence to details. I would rather my paintings hint at mood through atmospheric brush work and serene colors.” 

Tres Folium
 “I wanted to do animation or comic books when I was a kid. The desire to tell the complete story rather than only a portion of it led me to paint on my own.”

 Shy Deere
“I like reacting and responding with those who are watching me. It creates a relationship with the piece and with the people who are observing. When I’m doing plein air painting, I’m really responding to the moment. When I’m painting in the studio, I have more time to contemplate and paint the fuller story.”

 Golden Vines
“The California Impressionists have influenced me quite a bit, and that interest led me to the Barbizon school.”  

 Sharing Shade Upon Us
“For my next group of paintings, it would be interesting to explore more about why art and wine go so nicely together. It may be something to do with refined tastes or the appreciation for things that go above and beyond the ordinary; or the fact that both give a chance to step back even just for a small amount of time and enjoy something that speaks to beauty, earth and hard work. Wine like art is different for each of us and it allows for so much personal interpretation brought from our own experiences.  A good wine should tell a story of the soil, the weather and the winemaker; just like a painting speaks about the artist, the event being depicted and the medium being used.”

Thank you Michael!

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