Saturday, March 13, 2010

add a little fun and humor to your day, This whimsical Gallery show

whimsical paintings


Story Time, by Michael Orwick, 30x40 oils on canvas

March 5 - 28

Playful and Lighthearted Art Show

Art by Wendy Wees

Playful Art

“Whimsy” opens on March 5th.
Spring, if not here already, is fast approaching and nine artists are celebrating the turning of the seasons with lighthearted, playful art.

Get Rid of the Blah's!

This whimsical Gallery show seeks to lift any vestiges of winter blahs and add a little fun and humor to your day. The collection of artwork will range from sculpture and ceramics to graphic images and paintings.

The exhibition opens on Fri., Mar. 5th and runs through Sun., Mar. 28th.

Featured Artists

Participating artists have each interpreted the "whimsy" theme differently. With the following talented artists participating, you're bound to see something that tickles our fancy:

Artist Reception

Be sure to join us and meet the artists at the opening reception Fri., Mar. 5th from 6 to 8p.m.
  • Jim Diem,
  • Chad Mayo,
  • Rachel Harvey,
  • Myah Bailey,
  • Mike Orwick,
  • Bud Egger,
  • Wendy Wees,
  • David Brandt,
  • Todd Smith.


Statue by Bud EggerThe Art You'll See

The sculptures of Troutdale resident Bud Egger focus on elongated human forms and birds. The exaggerated musculature of the figures gives them a levitating and mythical appearance.
Another visiting artist is Wendy Wees, who comes to us from Seattle. Her clever and colorful drawings of everyday objects and animals are positively delightful—you will want to collect the entire series.
Local artist, Jim Diem, will be premiering a new collection of ceramic tea pots with fun, exaggerated forms.
Mosier resident, David Brandt, will present several finely executed drawings aided by computer design that are wonderfully creative.
Another artist using computer sketching techniques isMyah Bailey and she produces dramatic monochromatic drawings.
Children's book illustrator and Beaverton resident, Mike Orwick, will display paintings derived from fantasy.
Chad Mayo of Hood River also creates exquisite fantasy images evoking another world altogether.
Finally, both Rachel Harvey and Todd Smith have painted in oils; a medium often thought of as appropriate for more serious subjects. For this exhibition, their images involve visual punnery.

Let's See You Smile!

We look forward to sharing smiles with you at the Columbia Art Gallery at 215 Cascade Ave. in downtown Hood River.
Regular hours at the Columbia Art Gallery are Wed. – Sun., 11am – 5pm. For more information, visit
About Columbia Art Gallery
Columbia Art Gallery, located in the Columbia Center for the Arts, is a non-profit community gallery with the mission to promote an arts-rich environment in the Columbia Gorge. 
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