Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Men Paint En Plein Air. Plus a few new paintings for Cole Gallery

From American Artist Magazine by Allison Malafronte Nothing proves a plein air painter’s prowess like surviving a hard-core painting session battling the elements of nature. The young, talented California artists Jeremy Lipking and Tony Pro learned this the hard and—as you will see from the video below—hilarious way when they set out to record an instructional plein air-painting session that instead turned into a showdown with a seriously perturbed Mother Nature.
for all of this article and to see a great video of Jeremy and Tony in the Sierras.
to see more of Jeremy's videos http://blip.tv/file/1431968
4 of the new paintings for Cole gallerie's small works show
Sun's Breath (turqouis sky and field with treees) 11x14 unframed size
Cole Gallery
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4. Snow's Shawl (sunset cool blue snow) 8x10 unframed size
Shrouded (Purple fog) 8x10 unframed size
Breaking through (Aspen Trees in foggy landscape) 11x14 unframed size
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