Friday, October 31, 2008

Join Artist Michael Orwick as Beautiful Cannon Beach celebrates the early days of winter

Hello, and Happy Halloween to all my friends and collectors and collector friends.
A sneak peak of some of the oil paintings that I have been working on for the upcoming Stormy Weather festival in Cannon Beach at Dragon Fire Gallery.
On November 7 to 9, the north Oregon coast town of Cannon Beach celebrates the early days of winter with the enormous Stormy Weather Arts Festival. DragonFire Gallery's portion of that citywide event is three days of color, light, music, food and conversation. An enormously talented trio of oil painters makes up our featured artists this year. Michael Orwick, Tracy McEwen and Christopher Bibby will eat, drink and sleep their medium over the weekend, appearing at the quick draw on Friday night and then spending Saturday and Sunday in the gallery, demonstrating and chatting about their techniques.
123 S Hemlock St # 106
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
(503) 436-1533
"Experience that “certain slant of light” Michael Orwick brings to his work. Michael fuses a fierce impressionistic talent with modern sensibility to paint Oregon landscapes that shimmer with light. He celebrates the natural beauty around us as only a native-born son can."
-DragonFire Gallery
Paintings listed from the top down
Shyly Bow 14x11 oils on canvas panel (Top Orange) Our Storm Is Past 10x8 oils on canvas panel (Sunset on beach)
New Splendour 20x16 oils on canvas panel (Soft light on Creek )
In Green Shadows 8x10 oils on canvas panel (Pink sky)
Part of the Mighty 14x11 oils on canvas panel (big wave)
Be Still 11x14 oils on canvas panel (purple sky)
Gaze Back 14x18 oils on canvas panel (Birch Trees)
The Day's Amens 10x8 oils on canvas panel (trees at sunset)
All the best, Michael Orwick Orwick Arts
My art hints at a story and then invites you to finish the narrative. My style has been called Inspired Expressionism, which combines impressionistic brush strokes and a touch of realism to create the atmosphere and lighting woven into my work. The easiest way to see my work is at Use your voice to make a change...Get out and vote!
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