Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tips for beginning art collectors as well as for experienced art collectors

Napa Panoramic,
by Michael orwick 15x30 oils on canvas

Ten things to remember when starting to collect art!

Tips for beginning art collectors as well as for experienced art collectors.

Good reminders for anyone interested in art or already collecting art.

1. Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it willenhance your life.
2. Visit as many art galleries as you can, gallery staff can be helpful guides in your art education.
3. Get on gallery mailing lists so you'll be invited to openings and special events.
4. Visit and join your local art museums and non profit art centers.Curators sometimes give lectures on collecting art.
5. Attend National and International Art Fairs and Art Expos whenever possible.
6. If you know art collectors, talk to them and find out what they know and whatthey've learned about collecting.
7. Read books on art history and books about collecting art.
8. Subscribe to a few art magazines.
9. Read reviews by local and national art critics, keeping in mind that reviewsusually just reflect one persons opinion.
10. Once you've educated yourself and have fallen in love with a work of art,buy it, take it home and enjoy it.

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My art hints at a story and then invites you to finish the narrative. My style has been called Inspired Expressionism, which combines impressionistic brush strokes and a touch of realism to create the atmosphere and lighting woven into my work.

The easiest way to see my work is at http://www.michaelorwick.com/ and from there a list of galleries showing my art is available.
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