Monday, November 5, 2007

Collecting art for love and profit

Art makes a wonderful Holiday gift that enhances people's lives and lasts a lifetime. Much like a valuable antique, art can be passed down through the generations gaining value as time endures. An original painting or a print hanging in your home or office can effectively bring a momentary escape from everyday stress; it can stir an emotion within; and it can bring back wonderful memories of time and place. Whatever the reason, art successfully fulfills the same satisfying feeling time and time again. Another reason for owning artwork is for an investment. Financial data shows that art performs well as an asset over time, but for people who invest in art, the real satisfaction is being able to hang it on your wall and show it off. When people first enter a home, artwork is usually one of the first things noticed. Collecting art for love and profit is one of life's great pleasures. The most important reason to own art, however, is simply because you love it.

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