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2011 Stormy Weather Arts Festival

Weathering the Arts

Cannon Beach celebrates the 24th Annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival, whether the weather cooperates or not.

Hug Point 30x40 oils on canvas
by Michael Orwick at Dragon Fire Gallery
Article ImageWilliam Phillips at Heritage GalleryCannon Beach has long been regarded as a premier destination for art lovers, and Stormy Weather Arts Festival, held every year the first weekend in November, is the city's celebration of that designation. Three days of art, music, literature, theatre and poetry showcase the artists and galleries of Cannon Beach. This year's festival takes place November 4-6, and thirteen galleries will participate, each of them highlighting new artists or new work from those who show regularly. In addition to offering nibbles and libations to welcome all art lovers, browsers and buyers, galleries will provide opportunities to meet the artists, and in some cases, to watch them create.

The schedule of events is full, beginning on Friday night with Quick Draw, a perennial favorite. Tickets for this event are available only by purchasing them in advance at the Cannon Beach Chamber. The rules for Quick Draw are simple: artists have one hour to create a piece of art ready to sell in the auction that follows. In addition, a silent auction will include the work of seven photographers. There will be food, drink and the creation of original art while you watch.

Two events will be held on Saturday at Coaster Theatre: at 3 pm, David Robinson will play the piano while his son, Thomas, shows a photo montage of his own creation. That evening at 8, the spotlight will be on Tom Grant, a favorite Portland musician and composer of a series of jazz-influenced pop albums.

There will be local, regional, national and internationally known artists showing their work at Stormy Weather this year, demonstrating technique and offering presentations during the entire weekend. A few local favorites are: Jeffrey Hull, Thomas Hughes and Jim Kingwell. Jeffrey Hull, showing at Jeffrey Hull Gallery started painting more than 35 years ago, always drawing inspiration from the coastline. He paints both in watercolor and in oil and is known for his ability to capture the mood of those places where water meets land. He is a signature member of the prestigious American Society of Marine Artists.

Thomas Hughes will be appearing at Modern Villa Gallery. After making unique, innovative and functional furniture for many years, Hughes branched out into kinetic sculpture. His series of "mechanical theatres" began about three years ago and encompasses many of his interests: folk art, engineering, circuses, birds, kinetic movement, roadside attractions and woodcarving. They started out with simple mechanisms but each new piece has become more complex, reflecting Tom's talent and imagination.

James Kingwell, from Icefire Glassworks was educated as a potter, but self-educated as a glass artist. Kingwell recently celebrated 40 years making glass art and brings this wealth of experience to his classic, simple forms. His colors run the gamut from the serene blues and greens of his "Northern Lights" pieces to the electric colors of his "Bad Hair Day" Series. For the ultimate in collaborative artistic drama, combining ballet, art and craft, be sure to see Jim and his partners when they are blowing glass.

From farther afield come William Phillips, Christopher Burkett and Matthew Palmer. Phillips, currently showing his work at Heritage Gallery, is aviation artist of choice for many American heroes and the favorite nostalgic landscape artist for many collectors. In each of his aviation paintings, his goal is to convey to viewers the beauty and exhilaration of flight. He is one of only a few artists to have had a one-man show in The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum.

Christopher Burkett is a photographic artist showcased at Northwest By Northwest Gallery. Burkett studied with Ansel Adams and his influence is seen in the artist's fine art color landscape photographs. Says Burkett: "The purpose of my photography is to provide a brief, if somewhat veiled, glimpse into that clear and brilliant world of light and power."

Matthew Palmer, a Bronze Coast Gallery artist, uses a variety of traditional media including stone, marble, clay, wood and bronze to sculpt life-size creatures. Palmer has established himself as a sculptor for the National Park Service with installations at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California and Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Louisiana. He currently has several projects in the works. Among them is a life-size African Elephant made of butterflies for The City of Norfolk's Virginia Zoo.

Throughout the weekend several of the galleries will have receptions along with artists' demonstrations. To mention a few: On Friday, John Ebner will paint at Haystack Gallery from 4 to 8pm; Pam Juett will demonstrate her bead-making techniques at Icefire Glassworks, in conjunction with a reception from 4:30 to 6:30pm; Georgia Gerber will give a sculpture demonstration at 4pm at Northwest By Northwest Gallery; and Gary Fenske will paint in the dark under black light at Primary Elements Gallery.

On Saturday, there will be demonstrations by Michael Orwick, Chuck Gumpert and Theresa Andreas O'Leary from 11am to 4pm at DragonFire Gallery, with live music starting at 4. Mark Gordon will show his technique for making blown glass fish at Icefire Glassworks from 1 to 3pm. Sunday morning features coffee and pastries at several galleries.

The Stormy Weather Arts Festival weekend provides a full panoply of riches for the art lover, whether you prefer photography, oil painting, watercolor, or three dimensional art, you will find all of them, coupled with fine cuisine, good wine and music everywhere.

Quick Draw, Friday, November 4

Surfsand Resort, 148 West Gower, 7pm. Original art created before your eyes by as many as a dozen local and regional artists. Each artist has one hour to create a piece to be sold in the auction that follows, which will also include the work of several photographers. Ticket prices are $55 per person or $99 per couple and are sold only in advance, limited to 175 total. Call the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce at (503) 436-2623 for tickets.

Schedule of Events


Bronze Coast Gallery:
Reception, 5-8pm, with Carol Gold, Joshua Tobey, Jim Eppler, Robert Rogers, Matthew Gray Palmer and Ben Hammond.

George Vetter FotoArt:
Champagne reception at 6pm.

Haystack Gallery:
John Ebner painting demonstration 4-8pm; new work on display from Mike Smith and Sean Conrad. Reception at 5pm.

Icefire Glassworks:
Pam Juett will demonstrate her bead-making techniques during reception from 4:30-6:30pm.

Jewelry by Sharon Amber:
Sharon Amber and Michael Lorenzini present new jewelry designs, new paintings and graphites 1-6pm.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery:
Lillian Pitt demonstration at 1pm, Cathleen Rehfeld demonstration at 3pm, Georgia Gerber demonstration at 4pm.

Primary Elements Gallery:
Gary Fenske paints under black light and Margriet Seinen paints on silk from 5-7pm. Reception catered by Sweet Basil's.


Coaster Theater:
108 North Hemlock, David Robinson plays the piano while his son shows a photo montage at 3pm. Tom Grant will be walking the line between jazz tradition and modern pop at 8pm in the Spotlight Concert Event sponsored by the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce. Call (503) 436-2623 for ticket information.

Bronze Coast Gallery:
Visit with the artists from 10am-5pm. Catered artists' reception 6-8pm.

Cannon Beach Gallery:
Artist's reception 6-8pm for annual Miniatures Show with featured artist Zemula Fleming.

DragonFire Gallery:
Demonstrations by Michael Orwick, Chuck Gumpert and Theresa Andreas-O-Leary from 11am-4pm. Artists' reception with live music 4-7pm.

George Vetter FotoArt:
Two drawings for signed, numbered fiber giclee prints at 2 pm. Champagne reception at 6-8pm.

Haystack Gallery:
Michael Sorensen demonstration from 11am-4pm. Michael Tieman demonstration from 1-4pm. Artists' reception 5-7pm.

Heritage Gallery:
Visit with artists James Christensen and William S. Phillips 11am-8pm. Artists' reception 6-8pm.

Icefire Glassworks:
Mark Gordon will demonstrate his technique for making blown-glass
fish 1-3pm.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery:
Visit with Jeffrey Hull 11am-6pm. Artist's reception at 6-8pm.

Jewelry by Sharon Amber:
Sharon Amber and Michael Lorenzini present new jewelry designs, new paintings and graphites 11am-6pm. Artists' reception 6-8pm.

Modern Villa Gallery:
Thomas Hughes, Sarah Goodnough, and David Jonathan Marshall 11am-6pm. Artists' reception begins at 6:30-8pm.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery:
Eric Jacobsen demonstration at 1pm, Christopher Burkett presentation at 2pm, Ann Fleming presentation at 3pm. Saturday evening artists' reception featuring jazz and blues guitarist Bobcat Bob. Fundraiser for the Food Bank with $5 donation at the door, 6-8pm.

Primary Elements Gallery:
Marianne Post demonstration 1pm, Josh Henrie, Rip Caswell and Alison Brown demonstrations 11am-2pm. Jaio Ying demonstration 3-4pm. Live music 5-8pm. Artists' reception 6-8pm.

White Bird Gallery:
Christopher Mathie demonstration from 2-4pm. Reception 5-7pm.


Bronze Coast Gallery:
Morning coffee with visiting artists 11am-1pm.

DragonFire Gallery:
Light brunch reception from 11am-1pm with live music.

George Vetter FotoArt:
Send-off with croissants and orange juice 11am-1pm, followed by 2pm drawing for signed, numbered print.

Haystack Gallery:
Michael Tieman demonstration and talk from 11am-2pm. Weekend wrap-up with light refreshments.

Icefire Glassworks:
Early glass-blowing session by Suzanne Kindland at 9:30am. Coffee and light breakfast fare.

Modern Villa Gallery:
Visit with artists from 11am-2pm.

Primary Elements Gallery:
Demonstrations by gallery artists from 10am-5pm.

Participating Galleries

Bronze Coast Gallery: 224 N Hemlock, #2

Cannon Beach Arts Association: 1064 S Hemlock

DragonFire Gallery: First and Hemlock

George Vetter FotoArt: 231 N Hemlock, #113

Haystack Gallery: 183 N Hemlock

Heritage Gallery: 224 N Hemlock

Icefire Glassworks: Hemlock and Gower

Jeffrey Hull Gallery: 172 N Hemlock

Jewelry by Sharon Amber: 172 N Hemlock

Modern Villa Gallery: 224 N Hemlock

Northwest By Northwest Gallery: 232 N Spruce

Primary Elements Gallery: 172 N Hemlock

White Bird Gallery: 251 N Hemlock - by Valerie Ryan

by Michael Orwick at Dragon Fire Gallery
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