Monday, July 18, 2011

Spots still available in Elio's workshops

Spots still available in Elio's workshops       
July 22-24 2011

Yamhill, Oregon

Lavender! White Clover! Wheat Fields! 
What more could a colorist want!!!!

 Columbia River Gorge

 July 25-29 2010

Breathtaking views! 
What else can you say about this wonderful location. Simply one of the most spectacular places I have ever painted. 
Each time I paint, my goal is to capture the particular mood of the moment and to express myself in a bold and colorful way and while capturing the beauty and spontaneity of nature. Putting passion and emotion into a painting is far more important then just making a copy of your subject.
Depending on your level and goals we will try to develop a program for improving your ability as a painter. My goal as an instructor is to give my students the foundation necessary to express themselves.
    Some of the things we will cover are:
  • Stroke angle and how it affect depth in thick loose strokes
  • Properly holding a brush to ensure you have limitless possibilities with your strokes
  • Brush speed
  • Time management and capturing the moment
  • Forget formulas and learn to ?SEE?: Learning see nature as paint.
  • Color temperature
  • Harmony
Each day will end with a group critique.Columbia River Gorge
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