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Trilogy returns; Molzahn is host

Trilogy Winemaker's Dinner

Wine country — ‘The Bachelor’ finalist will host food, wine and art event

  • By: David Sale  
  • Published: 6/9/2010 12:00:00 PM
   “Trilogy,” the festival of food, wine and art, will return this summer with a special guest host — Tenley Molzahn, local star of ABC’s “The Bachelor.”Molzahn will return to the Allison Inn, scene of her hometown date with bachelor Jake Pavelka, and members of “Team Tenley” will have the chance to get up close and personal with the reality TV star.
   “Tenley is a true modern-day princess,” said Sheryl Kelsh, executive director of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce. “Her real-life story mirrors the trials and happy ending of a quintessential fairytale.”

   Although she may not have taken the final rose, Molzahn won the affection of viewers in Newberg and across the nation — and is rumored to be returning to TV as the star of “The Bachelorette.”
   On June 25, she will host a four-course winemakers’ dinner prepared by chefs from The Joel Palmer House, Farm to Fork, The Allison’s own Jory restaurant and Sweetest Thing Cupcakes, with wine pairings by Willamette Valley Vineyards, Elk Cove Winery, Erath Winery, Rex Hill and Lange Estate Winery.

Winemakers Dinner
   Later that evening, the Artist Quick Draw features a live demonstration and question-and-answer with 18 local artists, including Ramona Youngquist, Michael Orwick, Shannon Ray and Susan Day, working in a variety of mediums.   The pieces created by the artists will then be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce. For sales, call 503-538-2014.

   Tickets to the dinner and auction are $125 per person, but the event continues — at a more modest price — from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at Oakhurst Thoroughbred Farm, 18715 N.E. Highway 240. It will feature food, wine and art from more than 60 regional vendors. For more information, visit www.TrilogyNewberg. ccom

Artist Bios

Lorie Wolff
Lorie founded One Horse Studio, LLC in 2001. She has 20 years experience in the design industry giving her the vision and passion to explore painting methods which enhance home or commercial spaces. Lorie holds a BS degree in interior design from OSU and an associate degree in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, with a national certification for interior design qualification.
Kathleen BuckWatercolor and acrylic artist Kathleen Buck creates beautiful paintings of figures and animals. Her watercolor and acrylic paintings often portray people in motion. She is an Oregon artist. Newberg and other Yamhill County rural landscapes are often the backdrop for the people and animals. Kathleen emphasizes light and she paints movement in her original art.
Robert FosterRobert is an accomplished painter and sculptor. His paintings are in the mediums of watercolor and acrylics and he sculpts in ceramics and bronze. His paintings are born in impressionism and his sculpture extends to the cosmopolitan art of Neo-Traditional inspired mysticism. All of his works are original pieces. His ceramic sculptures have all been fired and glazed by Joel Cottet.
Michael OrwickGrowing up in Oregon, nature and the rich landscape have had a profound impact on Michael. He has always been awed by the extraordinary ability of landscapes to tell stories, just as art does. He creates what he calls, “inspired expressionism,” painting his own ideas on canvas and inviting you to provide the narrative. He shares his enigmatic vision and invites you to imagine your own story.
Beverly Drew KindleyDiscovering, creating, wherever she is. Beverly is an Oregon artist who paints to understand, enjoy and share the inspiration of unique moments of light and weather. Her impressionistic celebrations are a way of connecting with the visual festival of light, color, form, texture and design in our world and communicating it to others. Her hope is to encourage appreciation and protection of our heritage.
Romona YoungquistRomona was born in California but grew up in Eastern Oklahoma. Technically self-taught, she thinks of nature as her real teacher. In 1994 she was awarded a grant from the Alaska State Council for the Arts to study with Oregon landscape painter Michael Gibbons. In the late 1990’s she studied with Michael Workman, a leading landscape painter from Utah. She has taken their valuable lessons and strengthened her own individual style.
Shannon RayArtwork is lifework. A moment, seen or felt, distilled into expression of form, color, rhythm and well-crafted composition. Let the work dictate, aware of the pull of color, the tension of imbalance. The interaction that makes really good art, is never finished, it only pauses.
Jackie McCartinBorn and raised in the Midwest and Arizona, Jackie received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Arizona and as called Oregon home for the past 20 years. The vibrant, extreme colors of the southwest along with mystical, fleeting moods of the northwest are reflected in her impressionistic landscape paintings.
Susan DayThe beautiful landscapes of the Yamhill Valley provide Susan limitless opportunities to capture a moment in time with pastel paintings. “Working en plein air stimulates all of the senses; hearing bees buzzing as the breeze brings the fragrant scent of lavender.” Her work studies the way light plays on the fields before her. She hopes you will enjoy her work as much as she loves doing it.
Kym OjalaMs Ojala was born in Burbank, CA across from Disney Studios. She is or Norwegian and Finnish decent. She works out of her Oregon studio, and shows her paintings throughout the US. Although her background is acting in films and TV her love is in painting. Her inspiration is in color, which is seen in her paintings. She also enjoys photographing the Oregon landscape, from which her beautiful paintings come to life.
Clare CarverClare’s formal art education took place from 1989-1996 on the east coast. She recently relocated to Oregon’s Willamette Valley, painting and farming on a 110 year old homestead in Gaston. Her style depicts literal imagery that is rich and immediate, giving her work a signature of depth of color.
Kent Moore“As long as I can remember I have had a need to create.” From drawing to sculpting, charcoal to paint, Kent enjoys many mediums. He finds oil painting en plein air the most freeing. Painting outdoors has its challenge, but he enjoys the pressure of capturing the light before it’s gone. Kent is the proud father of 3 boys under age 7. He loves to draw and paint with them “and no I don’t make them stay within the lines.”
Michael VanNew to Oregon, Michael Van is best known for his series of portraits of ducks and chickens. “I am interested in the animals we consume and our relationships with them. I try to use color, form, and contrast to convey the depths of this relationship.” Michael was born in Dallas, TX 1984 and graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Physics in 2008.
Jean GaleJean believes painting is a gift she has been given to share with others. A favorite quote states “let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved & perhaps you will see it and love it too”. Inspiration has come from many travels to Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Taos and in the beautiful northwest. Architecture is a favorite subject – be it the antiquity of a stone wall, church or a sunlit window. She also enjoys the challenge of painting a still life and flowers. She is continually seeking new ways to project imagery through watercolor workshops. Her style is realistic, and color, her favorite vehicle. Capturing the feeling of light and emphasizing contrast is what makes her paintings come alive.
Gail TussingGail, a Newberg Impressionist style artist, specializes in watercolor and acrylic, incorporating nature, wine country and floral pieces. She earned a degree in art from the University of Oregon, and began showing her work shortly after graduation. Gail grew up in the Salem area and has been a Newberg resident for the past 18 years. Inspiration comes from all the color in the wine country and the northwest. Gail takes photos wherever she goes and uses them to interpret what she sees. Gail is a member of the Yamhill Arts Alliance and is continually working on new pieces. She has shown her work at a number of Art Walks in the past 2 years. Gail also has work on display regularly at Ken and Daughter Jewelers.
Terry PeasleyWith an emphasis on wild birds, landscapes, vineyards and farm scenes, Terry is dedicated to fine art watercolors, rendering the richness and beauty of the northwest. Whether it be close-ups of birds in their natural habitat or conveying the mood and harmony of northwest scenes, Terry attains great satisfaction in expressing his thoughts and ideas from his observations of the countryside. Terry’s personal approach to painting can be summarized by a quote: “To paint a mountain you must climb it, or you will not be able to capture its essence.” Without such personal involvement in a painting, the life of the work will not come alive.
Chris StubbsAlthough a registered nurse by professional training, Chris has been drawing and painting since childhood. She became enamored with watercolor when she was a teenager, and has loved it ever since. She has attended many workshops but remains essentially “self taught”, and enjoys teaching others how to get started in this wonderful medium. For Chris, a painting needs a reason to “live” and most often for her, dramatic lighting draws her to a scene. Whether she is painting landscapes, florals, still lifes or people, her paintings are infused with light. She is an award-winning watercolorist with Signature Membership in the Northwest Watercolor Society. She is a member also of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, where her paintings have won numerous awards including several “People’s Choice Awards”.
Susan Schenk
Collage is a wonderful way to wake up the sleeping artist within. Collages are unique individual expressions, just like the artists are. I am exploring a range of subjects without a political agenda, welcoming the technical challenge of making realistic renderings from recycled materials. These works are all made from recycled magazine pages, wall paper or gift wrap. I enjoy making something attractive from discards, appropriating images and putting them together in intriguing ways. Like any artist, I am especially thrilled when my work calls to a viewer to come closer and spend some time engaged in the piece. While my pictorial collages are best viewed from a distance, a close up inspection can reveal a very different piece of art.
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