Friday, May 30, 2008

Off to Idaho to paint with Scott Christensen

Taking the (painter's) trip of a Lifetime
"To say that an artist is born and not made is only partly true. Actually, while it is an important qualification, there is no proof of real worth in talent until it has been developed by a tremendous amount of serious study and plain hard work." ~Edgar Payne~
Thank all of you who took time to give me great feedback on my new website I think we all agree it is easier to use and navigate.

Also thanks to those of you who took the time out of your busy Memorial day weekend to stop in at the beautiful Freed Galleries to see their Landscape show, they really did a great job setting up and it was fantastic getting to meet the different artists and gallery staff.
My BIG news now is I leave tomorrow to drive to Victor Idaho to study with one of the truly great landscape and plein air painters Scott Christensen for 10 Days! Please take a couple minutes to visit his new website and see why I am so excited to learn from this guy. He has recently been written up in SW Art Magazine, and Wildlife Magazine.
(10) Day Intensive Workshop June 2 - 11, 2008
The Good News keeps on going, from there I pick up my wife and daughter in Jackson Hole and we camp for a few days in the Grand Tetons then to Yellowstone for a few more days then up to Missoula Montana to see my cute 3 month old Niece.

So I'll see you all late June and I expect my head to be full of new information, ideas and visions of grandeur.

I have about eight portrait paintings to be shown at the Kingstad Center Gallery for the next few months. These have proven to be a great way for me to unwind at the end of the painting day, I use my left over paint and a palette knife and build up layers of color and texture and slowly, some times over months build up portraits of Native Americans and other emotionally charged nearly abstracted faces.

All the best to all of you, and as always thank you all for your great support.

Big Love,
Michael Orwick
Orwick Arts
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