Monday, February 18, 2008

Plein Air Painting workshops by Elio Camacho; Oregon this Summer

I wanted to alert my local painter friends about a couple of Plein Air Painting workshops by Elio Camacho coming to Oregon this Summer, I plan on taking the 5 day course, and I hope to see some of you there.
Elio is inspired especially by the RussianImpressionists and was a student of Ovanes Berberian. he will be teaching 2 workshops, a 3 day weekend July 11, 12 and 13 followed by a week long workshop July 14 thru 18.For information, check his website here:
Columbia River Gorge Workshops
Portland, Oregon
July 11-18 2008Breathtaking views! What else can you say about this wonderful location. Simply one of the most spectacular places I have ever painted.
Each time I paint my goal is to capture the particular mood of the moment and to express myself in a bold and colorful way and while capturing the beauty and spontaneity of nature. Putting passion and emotion into a painting is far more important then just making a copy of your subject.
If you have similar goals and want to learn to fill your canvases with color and boldness then this class may be for you.
My goal as an instructor is to give my students the foundation necessary to express themselves.
Elio is not only a wonderful painter, but he’s a fantastic teacher so energetic, enthusiastic and generous in sharing everything he knows (which is a lot!). Although Elio covered a huge amount of artistic territory in his conversations with us, what really sunk in for me at this session was the importance of temperature (warm vs cool colors) and value (dark vs light) and how to use those relationships to paint the effects of light in the landscape.
Tuition is $295.00 for three days 9 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday and Monday July 11 -July 13 with a break for lunch. Each class will start with a demonstration, followed by individual instruction at each student’s easel. Tuition is $450.00 for five days 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday July 14 - July 18 with a break for lunch. Each class will start with a demonstration, followed by individual instruction at each student?s easel.

“Though I have taken a number of oil painting classes and workshops, including a few from nationally recognized instructors, I found your hands-on instruction approach more helpful than any of the other classes or workshops I have taken. Not only do you generously share your knowledge, but your critiques are incisive, yet sensitive. In addition, your knowledge of color temperature, and ability to convey that knowledge, has greatly improved my paintings and is sincerely appreciated. “Keene WAlameda, California

“That’s what Elio does best. He teaches his students to “see.”He knows painting, especially color, and is great at communicating that knowledge to his students.”-Dennis MOakland, CA

“I appreciate Elio Camachos boundless enthusiasm for art and teaching. From day one, he began gently correcting my lifetime of bad painting habits, but in a gracious way, so that I never felt criticized. He is generous with his time and demonstrations, and his students return for the warm, friendly atmosphere that fosters growth. I feel what I am learning from Elio will make me a better artist no matter what media I chose to explore. “
Susan SBurlingame, California
All the best,
Michael Orwick
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